Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Burl Barer

Today is author Burl Barer's birthday.  I was introduced to his books when my husband and I lived in Naples, Italy and I have remained a loyal fan ever since. Three years ago, I joined Facebook and was absolutely thrilled when I was "friended" by Burl. Many do not know that I started my book reviews because of Burl. He had posted on his wall that his nephew was giving away books to anyone that would write a review, I jumped at the chance while wondering "Who was Lee Goldberg?" I don't watch much television and his book, Top Suspense, was intriguing. 

Burl's Website

I began writing book reviews and the next thing you know, I am asked to join the Creating Calm Network! Guess who my very first author interview was? That's right, Burl Barer! I was so nervous that I completely stuttered as soon as I heard his voice. I was in complete awe! 

Burl can be heard every Saturday on True Crime Uncensored

Burl loves both of his children Anea and Jordan. Anea once shared with me: 

"As far as special memories of times with my Papa, there are so many. However, whenever I am feeling sad or lonely I think about our family vacations when I was growing up. We always went to this place outside of Spokane, WA called Granite Point Park on Loon Lake. The whole family (uncles, cousins, etc.) would go for a week or two. We would stay in little cabins, rent tin can boats with coffee cans full of cement for anchors and go night fishing every night. While bundling up, bringing tons of candy, and soda we would go out for a few hours where we would tie the boats together, laugh and tell stories. Sometimes, we would even catch fish. When we would come in from fishing we would drink hot cocoa, watch bad movies on the tiny television my Papa would sneak with us on the trip and continue our family tradition of staying up too late."

Anea and cousin Lee

  Burl has not only become a legend with his many award winning books and his true crime radio show, but has created a legacy. One of love for his children Jordan and Anea, respect for his ethics, and a loyal fan base. I often joke that when I mess up a bit on the radio or my reviews that one can "Blame it on Burl." However, I am honored by this charming, talented, and witty man. I highly respect Burl and am truly blessed to be able to count him among my friends. Happy Birthday My Dear Burl! 

Burl and his son Jordan

Burl with his daughter Anea

Now, Go check out and purchase a few of Burl's Books! I highly recommend him. Or go to a local book store. You never know what post it notes you might find. (wink)


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