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The Boy Who Loved Simone Simon: A Collection of Serio-Comic Phantasies By Stephen Mosley

The Boy Who Loved Simone Simon, is the product of the masterful Stephen Mosley who has fully accepted the wild, weird, and wonderful of short fiction. Stephen Mosley is talented and utilizes every inch inside the short story boundaries which never leaves the reader bored. The author uses every description and word wisely. These stories are entertaining and brilliantly written. The imagination of author Stephen Mosley’s stories are unpredictable, filled with surprise, and offer humorous insights. With historical sketches of actors and actresses combined with great storytelling, makes the book often read like a conversation at a pub among friends. 

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The Boy Who Loved Simone Simon, begins with a witty ode to Spam fritters and as one tastes the sensory language of “succulent pork gone from a fork” you almost can’t help to feel those past days when home alone with not much else to eat. Another fine example of the author’ s choice of words was when he stated, “I’m scared that my world of reverie will soon spill from my head, splashing every horizon in its illusory shade until it’s all there is, and home will be a place I’m destined not to find, in this realm or the next.” 

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The title of the book was very much an infatuation of the author with not only classic films, but with French actress Simone Simon most famous for her leading movie role in Cat People. This first story was my personal favorite where a young man who works in an office is obsessed by the star. He hangs a picture of her up on his wall; but his photocopier becomes jealous. The ending of this short will have you begging for more and you are immediately introduced to the “Fish.” The placement of each short gives the reader a science fiction sort of feel. Beware! Just when you least expect it, you enter the horror world of a madman who is a dentist. This energy keeps the reader from putting the book down! 

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The endings of each story are unique and even some are thought provoking. Yet, I think the author describes it best when he states, “Happy endings? The only ending life allows us is death, and that’s rarely happy. So, until my happy death, I have to fill my life: fill it with monochrome feels and leading ladies.”  Well this ‘leading lady’ was very pleased and happy with Stephen Mosley. I give my highest rating and recommendation of The Boy Who Loved Simone Simon by Stephen Mosley. Please listen to my interview with Stephen Mosley. It was a complete honor to speak with him on Book Talk with Ginger Dawn.

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Stephen also belongs to a band named Collinson TwinAdam Catlin and Stephen Mosley met in 1997. Please enjoy this  song is titled,  Weigh Down.


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