Thursday, December 12, 2013

"A Story Unlike Any Other."

Angel Omega: Imprisonment

By Brandon Godbee

Angel Omega: Imprisonment is the riveting debut novel of author Brandon Godbee. The novel first caught my interest several months back when the author sent me a Facebook message and told me that he has “written a book that was unlike any story that I have read before.” I was intrigued and rather surprised that he would not offer me a free review copy but he was so passionate about his novel that I purchased it through after reading other reviews and visiting his web link. I am very happy I did. 

“Gabriel, in all things—heaven, hell, and mortal—there is balance. No one of these can be stronger than the others. The light cannot outshine the darkness, just as the darkness could not consume the light.”

 Angel Omega begins with a conflict that emotionally captures the reader. Jason and Sarah, who are unable to conceive a child create an instant dilemma and the internal and external conflict that ensues immediately captivates the reader. Angelic ethical laws are argued. The youngest archangel Omega is banished from heaven with a bit of author foreshadowing as Sarah cries she wants, “A NORMAL FAMILY!” Angel Omega: Imprisonment is not the normal Good vs. Evil tale. It includes great battles, emotional decisions, and humanistic views of becoming nonjudgmental. 

Brandon with the "Big Boss" Pssst: Give him a raise...

With succinct prose and believable characters, Brandon Godbee introduces not only a hardboiled hero, but a supporting cast that carries the pace while also building the intensity. These factors are something I would have never expected from a first novel. Godbee does a wonderful job of filling in the reader as the story unfolds, using the “memory bowl” perfectly; right when I wanted to keep reading. There wasn't a single inconsistency with the plot throughout the entire novel. Instead, Godbee faultlessly transports through time and space to show the reader everything they need to know. I also appreciated the imagery the author uses to describe Hell and Heaven. 

Brandon's cat  "Tiko"

One of the most touching scenes in Angel Omega was when Damien enters heaven and has a private conversation with God. He states, “Damien, through Omega, looked deep into God’s eyes. “What he has done to me pales in comparison to the pain he must have caused you by leaving in such a way. It is one thing for a father to beat his son to near death every day. The son can escape the pain by running away. A father who loves his son more than anything in this existence has no recourse when his son throws it all back in his face. I am truly sorry for the pain my father has caused you.” 

My Interview with the author on BlogTalk radio.

I really enjoyed Angel Omega: Imprisonment and I recommend it to those looking for a story of hope, love, and betrayal. A final quote that made me smile...

  "Omega smiled. “Father has always taught us that giving of ourselves to others is an expression of compassion; he also taught us that we should always remember to be wise and retain that which will allow us to continue to help better each other and to never give away so much that another would control us.”


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