Friday, December 27, 2013

It’s the season. We share what we highly recommend to read!

Santa and the Border Collie 

by Angelo Dirks, Leland Dirks   

A book review by Ginger Dawn Harman

What Santa drives a red AMC Gremlin and rings a bell in front of an art museum? This short has more than a bit of V8 muscle power and will warm your heart in true Angelo and Leland emotional style! Once again the Collie and author team has created a memorable tale that will produce many happy wags and smiling faces. The gentle wisdom is poignant and provides insight to how much one can overlook the magnificence of the Christmas season. How true the words are the author pens,

 “It made me sad to consider how few of them had smiles on their faces. Just another day of obligation on the holiday calendar.” 

 This story provides the insight for all to remember the true gifts that are available and that we can each contribute.

I highly recommend! Download today!

Leland Dirk’s story has a satisfying pace and a consistent book readability.  The Young homeless boy is confronted with an identifiable eternal and external conflict in which he has learn to trust a complete stranger. However, as the story proceeds he will also be confronted that not every stranger has his best interest in mind. 

Angelo and Maggie via author

 I highly recommend Santa and theBorder Collie by Angelo and Leland Dirk. A special gift to all readers that left a smile on my face and cemented the phrase “It’s the season. We share what we’ve got.” on my heart.


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