Monday, May 27, 2013

Cripes! My First Blog Post!

This week I will be taking more of a serious tone. You see, many of you have read in the news that the Boy Scouts of America's national council voted Thursday to end its standing ban on the participation of openly homosexual youth. This vote has caused much debate.  My son enjoys scouts. It is a time to learn new exciting skills, camp, explore the outdoors, and achieve an appreciation of so much our country has to offer.  I completely support allowing these children and adult leaders to participate in this amazing program. Sadly, many churches will now dissolve the Boys Scout troops and my son’s pack may be one of them. For our son, this news has, “sucked the joy out of him.” How often, I wonder do our adult decisions affect the world views for a child. My son is confused as to why homosexual kids are allowed but not adults.  To him it is like waiting in a line to be picked for a team and nobody is sure what to do with you.  I profoundly believe that there is a difference between an opinion and being judgmental. 

Alan McCluskey's Website

While surfing on the internet, I found a beautiful quote from Truth Seeker,

"Opinions are given humbly with humility and from the heart
My opinion, the world may be on a perfect path

Judgments are given with the ego's sense of superiority
My judgment, the world needs to change paths, to the path I say is better"

Blind Justice continues with his thought that, "We need the open exchange of basic disagreements-that is the constructive criticism that leads to growth." However, if constructive criticism is viewed as a judgment instead of an opinion, then discussion turns to argument, or Aggressive Judgment.  Here is another example…
Opinion: You might get more listeners if you improved on the quality of your interpretation.
Judgement: You are not getting a lot of listeners because of the quality of your interpretation.
Aggressive Judgement: Your Book Talk sucks so you are not getting any listeners.
Two weeks ago I found a new author named Alan McCluskey, His book has looked beyond the opinions and judgment that we have in society but focuses on the interpersonal relationships of a boy named Peter! His interview can be found here:

Alan's interview with me!

 Alan McCluskey challenges readers  with his book Boy & Girl! Make sure you read my review and about this amazing author! I highly recommend his book!

My Book Review
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