Saturday, June 15, 2013

Promise of Possibility

A few years ago, my husband was stationed for a year in South Korea. My son and I were not allowed to follow him due to the nature of the assignment. However, I knew that the task and distance would present a possibility for us to grow. It is a true statement that Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Yet, that year I really learned more about appreciation, humility, and found my personal inner strength. 

My husband with ROK soldier at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).
 During this time, I found myself reading much more than usual. I was fascinated with Greek history at the time and began reading Aesop tales. They were perfect bedtime stories for our son and contributed to much discussion.  In 2011, while on Facebook, I met Thomas Bähler. Tom had posted about his new book Anything is Possible,- A Tale of Aesop. We became friends and I was totally captivated by his novel, not knowing his musical talent nor his celebrity status.

Thomas Bähler picture taken by Steve Nicholson

In true Ginger Dawn fashion, I joked with him. Yet, I also would challenge him to write about personal stories. Still oblivious as to who Tom was, I entered a contest about Aesop that he was hosting and won. My prize was the most beautiful song sung by him. I am sure he had a chuckle after I told him that he should have a career in music. However, even when I did find out that he did actually have a background in music, it reminded me of how much he was like Aesop: a man of profound lessons, inspiration, and humility. It is an honor to raise my glass to Thomas Bahler and to his novel, Anything is Possible.  My review of his novel honestly can't even begin to describe what a profound book that he has created.

Anything is Possible is a thought-provoking exploration of Freedom, it will inspire anyone who has ever dreamed of a better life.    — Quincy Jones

Enjoy this amazing video about Thomas Bahler, who truly exemplifies that anything is possible!

Thomas Bähler

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oh My A Second Blog "Hope"

      After reading several suggestions on what types of things to post on a blog, I have decided to not listen to any of the advice. I find it rather aberrant (Isn’t this a lovely word for strange) in a social situation to go up to another human and say, “I am Ginger Dawn, I am 41, female, living in West Virginia, and Oh by the way follow me.”  Honestly, people come to know each other over time and as they spend more time with you they get a sense of who you are.  I have made many friends in life and some are forever friendships that have been cultivated and grown. Others are not.  Those temporary friendships tend to be one-sided, draining, or conditional.   

     They lack growth and strength. We have all experienced these types of good and bad relationships.  However, there are also those friends that have a huge impact on your life that you never meet. They are the rarest of friendships that leave such a huge impact on your life that give Hope.  My husband and I received this hope in a form of a letter from a “friend.” During this time in our marriage we were attempting to conceive a child. After 3 years of infertility treatment my husband and I applied for a “home improvement” loan. We began our first In Vitro fertilization (IVF). 

     On Valentine’s Day we were informed that the process was not successful. I remember going to work the next day and a very kind physician that I worked with, came to me, offered a hug and said, “You can always try again.” This was comforting. Yet, it was a call from the women’s reproductive medical team at Lackland Air Force base with the news that they have received a letter. This letter.. 

A letter from A Friend (No our family is not Mormon)

      My husband and I were flabbergasted, shocked, and beyond grateful. This gift renewed our spirit at a time when we needed it. The second IVF was not successful but gave us such great “hope” that we knew good prevailed in the world no matter if one is with or without child. The gift of Hope is among the greatest effects we can establish in a world that encourages human rights, respect, and understanding.  The gift of “hope” doesn’t need to be a monetary gift; it could be listening to others, or helping a friend with household inconvenience.  The purpose of this blog is to share my journey.  Although it is not neatly organized or articulate with data, it is my contribution of hope.

Written on the day that my husband and I learned that IVF number two was not successful.

“The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love and something to hope for.” Allan Chalmers


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