Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cripes! Snow Alligators with Peter W. Collier.

“Rules are rules, no matter how silly, even when weather outside is so chilly.” 

Imagine having a snow day with no school and being forced inside with a cold. Peter Collier’s children’s book, Snow Alligators, confronts this catastrophe of all children who are not able to go play outside. 

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With a musical rhyming pattern, the author creates a pleasurable story for children ages 3 to 8. This book is a great read aloud story and an entertaining way to teach rhymes to further strengthen your child's language and reading skills.


The author offers many Free Children's E books online for download.


Snow Alligators is sure to bring laughter and language play to any young reader. The best part? The ending! 


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Your child will be absolutely delighted with the surprise conclusion and be prepared for squeals and laughter. The tone and style of the narrative is simple, silly, and without any heavy cumbersome topics that would bore a young reader.


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Peter Collier further sparks the readers imagination by explaining what happens to missing mittens and hats, 

“The snow alligators snatch them below; what they do with them then, I'm not very sure, they might use them as bait, like a fisherman's lure.” 


A Canadian author with stories and style deserving attention, Peter W. Collier began with writing rhyming prose stories for his own children. His stories are both a delight to read and to hear.


The illustrations by Amy Ting are appropriate and well executed. Soft and calming in detail and wonderful visual appeal, each picture is a relaxing scene for a great indoor winter read. I recommend Snow Alligators by, Peter Collier.


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