Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Poet

Have you ever read a poet and author that you felt in your soul? Bashir Sakhawarz has crossed continental boundaries with his words and bravery. I had to share and hope you too will feel his breath in your heart! Again his name is Bashir Sakhawarz.  His book, Maagir- The Snake Charmer was a highly intense, bold, and passionate thought provoking read! 

Bashir Sakhawarz currently lives with his family in Geneva Switzerland.

 Bashir Sakhawarz  is an award-winning poet, a novel and short story writer. He has lived in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America and has worked for a number of international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, the Asian Development Bank, The International Red Cross and NGOS.
Read my review here.
I highly recommend Maagir-The Snake Charmer by Bashir Sakhawarz. I am sure, I am not his typical "target audience" Yet, what is a target audience? That of what you wish and desire to connect with. The truth is that love and inspirations usually comes from the most unexpected places. Maybe words and actions are the spray of a fountain?


Written by Bashir Sakhawarz   

Life is a fountain
Rising with a jet of energy pointing to the sky
Falling under its own weight.
Rising, falling
And one day no rising but just a fall.
I am a fountain
I rise when you channel feeling in me
I will never fall
If you stay in me.


Please read this amazing interview with Bashir by Valebtina Acava Mmaka. It details his freedom from Kabul and The Mujahidin. Furthermore, it accounts Bashir's near escape from death.  Always remember, we never know who and how we influence others. Either with our words or actions.  Enjoy the poem below.

By Bashir Sakhawarz

I create you
Through the sadness of the time
Through the heat of evaporation
Through the dust of none returned caravans
Through the soul of stone
Through oceans of stillness.

I create you
Behind my closed window
Behind sleepy eyes
In the darkness of being
In the boundary of shadows.

Just two syllabus
Just two syllabus and yet an ocean
Without it oceans are empty

The highest fortress
An old man with crashed shoulders

Shaky faulty tower
Once a nest of singing birds
Today naked without soul
Naked without song
Raped by avalanche

A hanging garden
A hanged life

I create you like a poet
On the back of my poetry book
On my walks
On my talks
On my deserted Island
I create you with poetry, wine, dust, stillness, happiness, time, laughter, repetition, sadness.

My mistress hidden in torn clothes
My lover in my cold bed

I create you with a single tear

A two syllabus word
A journey of history
Without you Rustam not born
Without you Buddha in sky
Without you Mahabarat not written

A silent eye
In a quiet sky
A virgin in solitude
A raped widow
A paradox
A picnic garden of the Americans
A goal post of Russians
A melting pot of bad guys Taliban
Good guys Mujahideen
A rainbow of peace
A circus
A laughter ha ha ha
Haha and ha ha ha
A laughter of a drunken man with no tune
No rhythm
A forgotten woman
A bride of thousand men

A diary of adventures
A travelling man
Racing through curves

A book of tragedy
A story within story
I see you in distance
I feel you under my skin
Tonight I sleep with you Kabul.

Yes! Inspiration comes to us in the most unusual ways and sometimes it unites the likeliest of sources and countries to make us better, to make the world better, and to invite others to want to be better.  Thank you, Bashir Sakhawarz! Reminds me of a quote by Paulo Coelho, in his novel The Alchemist   

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”


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