Sunday, February 23, 2014

Have you ever felt discouraged and frustrated?

Today there seems to be so much advice on social media that one can just type “Help” and about 2,490,000,000 results will pop on your computer screen in 0.64 seconds.  

I have always been an altruistic person, the girl that could be depended on, and sure, I can drop what I am doing for you but offering help leads to suspicion. 

Yet, in the selfish world of "me first" one cannot do everything.  It is not so much about priorities but what is one’s purpose or matter. 

"Father, what is my purpose?"

 So now go to that Google search button…

Yes, "finding purpose" has about 363,000,000 results in 0.51 seconds. Now that is a great place to stop and ponder. 

There are more results for help but it is quicker to find one’s purpose and it will yield less results...


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