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5 Star Oorah! Motivation and impulses that lead to emotional transitions.

Hurricane Ginger by Bud Rudesill
Moonstrike Press; December 30, 2013
Amazon Digital Services, $2.99, 59 pages, ASIN: B004LGTRWQ
A Book Review by Ginger Dawn Harman
Five Stars

I first came across the novel Hurricane Ginger by, Bud Rudesill while on Pinterest. I was named after this hurricane and my interest was immediately piqued that a fiction had been written surrounding this storm. 
The Real Hurricane Ginger
Even more astonishing was the opening line and the description of the heroine, Ginger Van Fleet. After all, “Sir, perhaps her name is no coincidence. I believe it’s Ginger. She’s a bit like that damned hurricane. Small, tenacious, and a ____ load of a problem.” I was hooked and more than intrigued. Bud Rudsell has crafted an amazing short and his talent of voice and dialogue are superb.

The novella begins as Hurricane Ginger barges ashore. Camp Lejeune’s proud elite are summoned by the Executive Officer, one is a young Marine named Luke Ferrell who is described early on as, “proud of my country and I wanted to stay in the United States. It’s my home and I want to go to school, and become an engineer.” Yet, he was drafted and now with his company from Camp Lejeune, he has been ordered to rescue war protesters. With their yacht in peril near the Intercostal Waterway, these young men are greeted with verbal abuse such as “baby killers” and an array of epithets from young college war protesters who are oblivious to their current danger.
Bud and his wife Shelia Bolt Rudesill
Luke Ferrell, who returned from Da Nang, Vietnam as a mine sweeper is now confronted with rescuing Tim Cuttabank and escorting Miss Ginger Van Fleet home to Richmond. Now readers, do not think this is an average boy meets girl love story. It isn’t. There is something unique and wholly current in this novella. The plot is enhanced by government and military cover-ups, psychiatric hospitalization, and an attempted murder.

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The author has an amazing talent for authentic dialog. I would expect nothing less than a bit of foul language for a group of military folks. Furthermore, it is not overdone and offers several lines of humor provided by Luke’s father. The author has included emotional qualities to his dialog. For example, “I have to keep my mouth shut about Nam though. All of these guys want to believe they were fighting an honorable war, and that their conduct deserves respect. They want the public to treat them like they’re heroes—like the WWII vets were.” “Instead, smart ___, pampered kids call them names and throw dog ____ at them.” 

 I also was rather delightfully surprised at the quote reference to New York Mayor John Hylan, “the real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and Nation….Your vote has little to do with how this country is run, nor any other country for that matter.”

The romance in Hurricane Ginger develops slowly and naturally. I also have to give Bud Rudesill extra marks for the scene in which Tim Cuttabank and his family reenter the plot. Bud Rudesill convincingly illustrates how his characters can actually make their lives mesh in the real world amid all the chaos that forms. For such a short fiction, I was astounded that it didn’t need any more or less. This novel will be more appropriate for 30 and over. I do not feel the younger generation will understand the esprit de corps nor the background of Presidents Johnson and Kennedy. 

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However, Bud Rudesill takes this very suspenseful set up and imbues it with enough adrenaline to keep readers eagerly and anxiously flipping the pages. After all, when a Hurricane comes ashore who knows what path it will take? I could gush for another few hundred words about Hurricane Ginger but I’d rather just send you off to get started on this terrific story. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. I highly recommend Hurricane Ginger by Bud Rudesill.


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