Monday, May 5, 2014

Awakening (The Ydron Saga)By Raymond Bolton

Awakening (The Ydron Saga)
By Raymond Bolton
Amazon Inc. ISBN: 0991347102 (January 1, 2014)
Paperback: 368 pages $13.57
A Book Review by Ginger Dawn Harman

 A book's plot is as unique as its characters, and often it is the characters that awaken the story. In Awakening, Raymond Bolton creates a fantasy world that develops, captivates, and never left me bored as a reader. I was immediately sparked with curiosity as Regilius awakes in a futurist hospital screaming for his father. It is then that we learn of the main character’s past and unclear nightmares. Prince Regilius is confused and has to overcome the trauma of his father’s murder while evolving or awakening interpersonally. In a world of telepathic aliens, suspenseful chase scenes, and all knowing mentors, Raymond Bolton has crafted a remarkable tale.

This story is a powerful and sweeping epic tale of relationships and disloyalty. The language, the settings, the characters are well written and developed. My favorite character was Ai'Lorc, the mentor of Regilius. He has several bits of wisdom in the novel that provides Regilius an opportunity to give thought to his own questions. For example, Regilius at the beginning of the novel is unable to make a clear decision of his own, Ai’Lorc responds in a matter of fact tone,

 “It is impossible, to answer your question without addressing the events.” 

I had to chuckle when Regilius responded that he was aware of this only to be cut off by Ai’Lorc, “That is a good sign.” It is these relationships between the characters that get readers so involved in the plot. Yet Chapter 39, delivers the reader the greatest of emotional twist not just for the reader but for Regilius and the trust that is forged or dissolved in friendships. Now I must admit, I also enjoyed the Dalthin (The bad aliens). It must be the creepy touching of the mind that intrigued me about them. The author captures it beautifully when he wrote,  

“A bright new source of thoughts had recently come to her attention. She had never touched a mind like it. While most minds intruded gently and the Dalthins’ pricked, this new mind fairly sang.”

Ultimately, Awakening is a story of the many phases of progression in ourselves that some can relate to as we read how each character pass through the rise and fall, making the same old mistakes but occasionally making brand-new ones to learn from. Raymond Bolton’s Awakening blends Sci-fi mystic realism and cyberpunk historic adventure and action to explore a region of the world that is far more diverse and complex. I completely enjoyed Awakening by Raymond Bolton and highly recommend this novel.


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