Friday, June 20, 2014

Peter Collier


By Peter Collier

Amazon Digital Services, Inc. $4.99 ASIN: B00J8CNA2G
A 5 Star Stanza Rhyming Book Review by Ginger Dawn Harman

Peter Collier is quite the children's storytelling master
With his latest novel of Triumph and Disaster
The setting is Spring in a country field
Amazing what an `Immovable Rock' would yield

The farmers there are of a 'different mind'
Their doors are often unlocked and their hearts so kind
Farmer Ken Grimm and his neighbor Farmer Orville Grun
Grab picks, shovels, and that's how it begun

Just when you think all is resolved
Farmer Ned and the bees are involved
Peter Collier has a talent for Prose
Words, images are craftily composed

Written for children ages six to ten
Yet enjoyed by older women and men
Grandpa and grandma read this at night
Little ones will relish it under moonlight

Don't let this book go unnoticed or unread.
A good bedtime story should be widespread
I highly recommend "OUR TOWN COLLECTION"
It is available to you in the Amazon Kindle section

A Canadian author with stories and style deserving attention, Peter W. Collier beganwith writing rhyming prose stories for his own children. His stories are both a delight to read and to hear.

It wasn't until recently that the e-book format provided a conduit for sharing his quirky rhyming story style to a broader international readership. Peter's Canadian homegrown originality has been well-received, with new myths like the 'Snow Alligators', 'The Garden Party', 'Lou and Stu', 'The Fishing Derby', 'The Immovable Rock', or 'The Very Last Apple' are poised to become creative milestones.
Currently, readers will find 21 stories available in EBook format, some including illustrations, as bedtime reading for children of several age categories.


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