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Fake Mustache By, Tom Angleberger

Fake Mustache

By Tom Angleberger

Recorded Books (2012) ISBN-10: 1464046093
Narrated by Jonathan Todd Ross and Jessica Almacy
An Audio Book Review by Ginger Dawn Harman

I often like to read books that are within my son’s age group. It is not very often that one can find an audio book that everyone in the family enjoys listening to. Tom Angleberger has crafted a creative, off-the-wall, wacky, and comical book. “Fake Mustache: or, How Jodie O'Rodeo and her wonder horse (and some nerdy kid) saved theU.S. Presidential election from a mad genius criminal mastermind” is a four star adventure for any child ages 9-12 and their slightly middle aged parents.

A great book trailer by Michelle Harclerode
7th grader, Lenny Flem, Jr. has an average life and every night his family watches the Jodie O'Rodeo show together by a democratic vote. Casper Bengue is Lenny’s best friend and he doesn’t even have a television. However, Casper’s grandmother sends him $400.00 to purchase something unpractical on his birthday. Casper has the perfect idea. Instead of a video game system or even a television, Casper decides to purchase a fake mustache. Not just any mustache, a Heidelberg Handlebar #7. Yet first, he must purchase a “man about town suit.” After borrowing $10.00 from Lenny, Casper’s transformation begins. 

The mustache is firmly attached with an extra year supply if spirit gum for safe measure. This is when Casper becomes the evil Fako Mustacho. Fako takes over the local toy company then the local town council. Casper (Fako Mustacho) also robs a bank, hires a mob of strongmen to protect him, and sets about to steal the US presidential election! Nevertheless, Lenny and the preteen cowgirl queen Jodie O'Rodeo are on a mission to reveal that Fako Mustacho is just a kid with a fake mustache. 

Will the adults believe them? How will they save the day, and who is the mystery man with a “somewhat of a French” accent? 

If your child likes Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Big Nate, they will enjoy Tom Angleberger’s wild adventure. The plot is fast-moving with enough suspense that kids will not want to stop the CD or stop reading the book. 

Tom Angleberger takes you deep into the zany world of Hairsprinkle, USA. Ridiculousness is the theme, and plausibility is not even a topic. After all, I have been told by several preteen readers that a kid sometimes just wants to read a funny, light book without a deep message or emotional topics. 

Jonathan Todd Ross
Jessica Almacy

The narrators, Jonathan Todd Ross and Jessica Almacy are both full of energy and take great attention to the voice of a preteen child. With yodeling and a bit of taking turns this cd makes for a great listen to on a road trip or while inside during a rainy day. Both narrators display an appropriate level of expression for the book and avoided falling into melodrama. I also liked the speed and pauses created by them. 

Overall, I recommend this audiobook to anyone that wants a fun three hour adventure. Oh, if you are a mad preteen that was sent to clean your room, the audio book Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger is highly recommended by “anonymous” and “it is better than hearing a mother nag.”

About this author:Tom Angleberger artist-turned-writer. He is a columnist for the Roanoke Times in Roanoke, Virginia, and began work on his first book while in middle school. Tom is married to author-illustrator Cece Bell. He lives in Christianburg, Virginia. 


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