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Stop Making Your Life a Misery By Louise Watson

Stop Making Your Life a Misery

By Louise Watson

SilverWood Books (May 13, 2014) ISBN-10: 1781322368

Pages 126 Amazon Digital Services, Inc. $6.99

A book review by Ginger Dawn Harman

I recently attended an eight week mindfulness course and was rather pleased to find this book as a great supplement. It is likely that almost everyone feels misery for a time at some point in their life, which makes Louise Watson’s book, Stop Making Your Life a Misery a great addition to one’s bookshelf.  Written with hope and perseverance, author Louise Watson provides the reader a book on mindful techniques aimed at increasing happiness through thoughts and actions. She connects immediately with the reader by introducing how, during her thirties, she was lost in the emotional world of worry, depression, frustration, and an unhealthy amount of “mental drama.” 

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What I liked most about this book is that it is written as if having a personal friend over to sit down with tea or coffee while having that heart to heart conversation. The author does not hold back and gives a tender and raw approach to becoming you. This topic flows brilliantly as the author insightfully explores the need for acceptance and not the expectations of others. She states, “When we try too hard to fit in, we suppress the person we really are.” It is these life “connections” that are explored in chapter nine.  My favorite chapter was “Beware of the C Word.” The challenges of our world today with what each of us choose to connect and sometimes attempt to control in our life. It continues with why we must personally challenge ourselves with observing and creating opportunities for learning beyond one’s comfort zone.

Artwork By, Ginger Harman
Yoga and meditation are also encouraged for the reader with the physical and psychological benefits included.

“It’s not that the negative thoughts and feelings don’t arise, but when you meditate regularly, they are allowed to just be there and then pass, whereas without meditation you may be tempted to hold on to those thoughts, repeat them again and again in your mind, share them with others, and make them bigger and bigger until your negative emotions consume you, affecting not only yourself but those around you.”Louise Watson, Stop Making Your Life a Misery 

The author also warns the dangers of fictionalizing those that teach or inspire. Watson labels this as the, “Dalai Lama in disguise” and she gently reminds the reader that everyone is on a path. Louise Watson encourages readers to pursue their own happiness and design a plan to suit their own lives. I really appreciated how the author reveals with each step she made, each behavioral/mental pattern challenged or conquered, a new layer was revealed to her. It was at this moment of realization the author became confident, peaceful, and happy. Yet, the best part for Louise Watson was the sharing of her newly embraced being! This is what makes this book a five star!

Artwork By, Ginger Harman
“Life was so much simpler when everyone else was to blame for my problems.”
Louise Watson, Stop Making Your Life a Misery 

Louise Watson has created a part memoir and part self-help book that offers readers a thoroughly engaging, inwardly observing, and sometimes humorous look at her life as an example to Stop Making YourLife a Misery. I give my highest recommendation for, Stop Making Your Life a Misery by Louise Watson.

 Louise Watson studied Literature at the University of Hertfordshire and spent several years teaching English as 
a Foreign Language abroad and in the UK. She now lives in Bournemouth, England.
'Stop Making Your Life a Misery' is her first book and she is currently working on her second. When she isn’t busy writing, she enjoys reading non-fiction books, practicing yoga and playing the piano.

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