Thursday, July 3, 2014

Self Compassion

Discovering Inner Metta

Yesterday, I had a phone discussion with a friend  on the power of self talk. It is that internal voice inside our head that determines how we interpret every situation that can often cause harm or good in our life. It all depends on our choice.. Our perceptions could be true or it may not be. Learning to dispute negative thoughts might take time and practice, but is worth the effort. Once you start looking at it, you’ll probably be surprised by how much of your thinking is inaccurate, exaggerated, or focused on the negatives of the situation. This is also the same with positive self talk. It all comes down to a personal, inward choice.  

Self compassion is so important. Ask yourself, would I talk to a stranger the way I talk to myself. Healing takes time and it has to come from the power within you! This is a bit more of a personal and risky post to display in a public forum. Yet, I know that it can help others. So write a letter to your younger self. Adopt the older wiser version of you!


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