Sunday, April 12, 2015

Foie Gras Lover

Foie Gras Lover
By Ginger Dawn Harman

Photo Credit PETA (Germany)

Beware of the French narcissistic lover
Is it not he who fattens the grey goose?
Superficial sweet corn gavage cover
Afterwards, he retrieves a cunning noose.

Rich, buttery, and inflated ego
Prepared into mousse, parfait, or pâté
Sipping Merlot and flaunting tuxedo
Desire licks lips, surrendering sate

Imagine you a gourmet luxury
One hundred twelve days to the guillotine
Fiercely mutilated with cutlery
Purged from palate and platter left pristine

Is it the goose that lay the golden egg?
Run from the narcissistic lover, I beg.


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