Friday, June 26, 2015

Inside the Hen House, Farmgirl Friday Post 5

Inside the Hen house

Farmgirl Friday Post 5

Photo Credit: Chelsea Flower Show 2015

I honestly don’t have much to post about this Friday except that I will be attempting a "digital detox take two" this weekend. However, as you know, I am not the only chick in the hen house so I figured I will share what some of my other MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood hens have been up to!

 First, Lets visit Jenny from Dragonfly Home!  Jenny has placed a wonderful recipe for Strawberry Freezer Jam. I was completely touched how she wrote about visiting her mother’s home and how her father would also join the festivities.

Oh if your mouth is watering now, you should see what Cynthia has done! I stepped in to her loghome kitchen where she is embracing country life, one dish at a time! This week it was Cherry Cobbler Jubilee! She has been picking cherries from her trees that were planted 14 years ago! However, the other day a flock of magpies descended on her precious cherry tree like “birds of prey” that they are. She ran outside a waving and flinging her arms. I bet it was such a sight that all enjoyed the cobbler and a good laugh that day!

After all this good food, I was ready for a visit to Tour of Anna Pearl's Outside Garden!
You can visit too and maybe you will be inspired to plant some garlic in repurposed tires tires. Oh and after your tour you can learn how the Old-timers Canned Elk!

Maybe you are not much of a cook and enjoy crafts. Well Guess what!
Carole Prevost-Meier, is having a Quilting Adventure. You Sew Girl! She saws she has been watching too many UFO documentaries. My goodness just look at this beautiful quilt she just completed!

Since this is my Fifth Farmgirl Friday post, I thought I would save this fifth hen story to brag about Mary Jane! What a wonderful picture that she posted today. Something about robins that do fill you with romance.

I leave you with this to ponder! Mary Jane said it....

"We need to find meaning. We need to be useful. We need to know that who we are matters.
I give, you give, we all give."

Yes, I am just like that ole rooster now! Wake Up! Go and Give today and everyday all you have and make it matter!



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