Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Alchemist’s Legacy by I S Hassan

The Alchemist’s Legacy

by I S Hassan

I found The Alchemist’s Legacy by I S Hassan from the SilverWood Books website. I often check publishers for new talent and upcoming authors. This book immediately appealed to me with its cover art. The picture of a mysterious store front and title was enough for me to read the book blurb and purchase it on Amazon. Furthermore, the price point was appropriate for a Kindle book.

The book begins with the Roberts family that has recently moved to the village of Oakhill and has purchased a sweet shop. Niall Roberts discovers that the shop has many secrets and a hidden past. Yet, Niall must also learn to trust his own instinct and determine which relationships are in his best interest. He learns about the power of family connections and those formed outside his home.  Brian and Mark although both adult friends with his parents are not always honest and upfront with Niall. Mark had failed to purchase the sweet shop and becomes over eager to become Niall’s private tutor. Furthermore, I was completely hooked when the ancient leather binder was discovered and read.  Meanwhile, the Jinn have their own agenda. Niall must decide who to trust, His new tutor Mark or Brian. The plot moves quickly and is very engaging. 

I really enjoyed the author’s descriptions of the secret room behind the fireplace and his use of Latin. This adds a bit of curiosity for the reader old and young alike. I too had to find the translations. There are many good quotes for readers to ponder within the dialogue. For example, Mark states, It’s the inability to communicate that causes misunderstandings.”  This emphases the subtle theme with the importance of communication. Furthermore, I S Hassan wrote, Communication is an instinct we all share and there is a common root through most languages. The human desire to understand and be understood is very strong.” This is discovered as Niall communicates with the Jinn and those within the mortal world. I also found the strong theme of “purpose” throughout The Alchemist legacy. The author wrote, “Everyone has a purpose, a potential, but not everyone will fulfill theirs. They are distracted by the world and the little things.”

I S Hassan has a talent for word choice and imagery. I appreciated the written description of Qigong, Mark was stood with feet shoulder-width apart, barely moving. His palms crossed his face alternately in slow motion. His movements were unhurried and deliberate. Bending one leg and stretching the other, Mark went into a low stance and seemed to be pulling an invisible force with his palms and then pushing it away from his torso. Niall watched mesmerized as his tutor moved as if underwater. Mark returned to his original position, leveling thin air out with his hands and then gently pushing it down before replacing his hands by his sides and looking up, free from his trance.” 

Video of Qigong Warmup and Exercise

I did not like the author’s overuse of adverbs. Chapter six had eleven “ly” adverbs on the first page, this was common throughout the book. It was distracting to me as a reader. I found myself counting the adverbs on each page and this caused me to lose focus. I also did not like the afterwards. I found it choppy and confusing after a strong cliffhanger ending. 

Overall, I enjoyed The Alchemist’s Legacy by I S Hassan and recommend the book. The Alchemist’s Legacy by I S Hassan would make a great addition for any home or school library for young and older adults! There are many wonderful pieces within the text. Much like Mark stated, Others see a big picture that isn’t real and fail to see the smaller details which are always important too. Those who seek to fulfill their potential will also fulfill their purpose.” This book fills its purpose.


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