Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Try Some Thai Tuesday!

Thai Cooking Class 

Over the weekend, in an attempt to detox from the digital world, I decided to take a cooking course at Nibblins. Nibblins is a wonderful store for cooks and non culinary experts. Now, I must admit that the cooking courses started off after my husband took a few days off from work and was driving me a bit batty. At the time, I was writing a short story for an anthology and he was over my shoulder offering pen names, plot twist, and other advice. So, I signed him up for a cooking class. Now our family has become regular attendees. 

Spices and Sauces used in Thai Cooking
I have attended teas, knife classes, and several Thai courses. My son has taken the southern comfort food class. Oh and that dear husband of mine is now able to navigate the culinary globe with French homemade breads, Italian/ Chicago style pizza, and German cuisine.  

We now are also the owners of a  pressure cooker that is used without fear of burning the house down. No need to bring up the incident of the visit to our house from the local fire department over my burnt chicken. Lets just say, he didn't marry me for my cooking. 

Naomi McManigle of Tastefully Thai shared her favorite authentic Thai delights. Thai cuisine consists of a large variety of unique dishes varying in flavor, texture, and appearance, making it a favorite food I enjoy! Naomi, is a daughter of missionary parents and lived in Thailand from the age of 2 to 19. 

 By sharing the food she loves in her Simply Thai Cooking classes, McManigle said, she feels as if she is offering up part of her story.

 On The Menu:
Thai Eggplant, Serrano Pepper, and Limes

 Lemongrass Soup (Left) Green Curry (Right)

 The Recipes!

Garlic Pork

 Lemongrass Soup


 Ginger Chicken

Drunkin Noodles

I not only am learning how to cook these dishes, I learned about Thai food and culture. I really enjoyed Naomi's childhood stories of her sister running after the milk truck and how all gathered around the table. 

The best thing that I learned was that cooking is much like life. A pinch here, a dash of this and that, combined with sweet and sour tidbits... our little preparation offers different flavors to be enjoy. Julia Child understood this!

“...no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”
― Julia Child,


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