Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Thursday Thought

One thing leads to another...

Me enjoying a glass of water after a walk.

Oreo and I taking a selfie.
Hard to believe all that has changed in my life in just one year. I look back and am amazed at where I have been and what I have accomplished.

Today is a regular sort of day. I have taken my son to the orthodontist, tackled those household task of lawn care, laundry, returning phone calls, I began a character sketch for a WIP, which led to speaking with the Mennonites about quilting classes for this fall. Oh and I am on my way to set up my stained glass studio in the basement as soon as I post this blog. Every since I was a child, I have always been active and passionate about learning. I appreciate and am grateful for each moment. 

Each moment is an opportunity! We have the ability to choose how we spend this precious opportunity that is a gift. That is how life is, one moment leads to another. Go ahead sing!

The Fixx - One Thing Leads To Another

A little secret now! I am bubbling inside with excitement about my short story being published in an anthology! All contracts are signed. 

The 2015 NIWA Anthology: ASYLUM will be launched at Orycon this November. My first story to be published! I Can't Believe It! Squeal! You know, I honestly felt that when my time at Creating Calm Radio and the book reviews ended that I missed my chance. At that time, I had based my worth on others and forgot the "self."  Boy have I changed. I love this new discovery and reclaiming of myself!

I am empowered, and so happy that the joy is bursting out of me.

One thing honestly does leads to another!


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