Monday, August 17, 2015

Mindful Return to School

Back to School

Today is the first day of school in my local area of West Virginia. I am rather excited to report that no tears were shed, no fussing between mother and child and all went rather smoothly! Well to be honest it went too smoothly! The only thing, I mentioned was that I was surprised that he was not wearing his new shoes. He said that he could not find them. “What!” Might I remind you at this point for those who know my son and to those who do not know him, he wears a size 11 men’s shoe. How in the world, can a 12 year old boy not see them in the middle of his bedroom floor escapes me. However, they were quickly put on.

After dashing down the stairs and guzzling a banana smoothie, my son let me take his picture on the front steps of our home. Alas, I am not allowed to post any of these photos. I am rather pushing my luck with the one here. Imagine a pre-teen that doesn’t like any form of social media or his picture taken! Shocking. I am now whispering advice to everyone, start blogging and join Facebook. Your children will shy away from it! However, it sure was some thing to see him walk from the car to the front door of school. Warm joy filled my heart and liquid sunshine rose in my throat.  I did noticed most of the children had ear buds and cell phones. I figure this is much lighter than the huge boom boxes that I use to cart around. Somethings never change.

Back to School Photo! 2015 (And The Famous Bacon I Am Your Father Shirt.)

As a child, I too enjoyed going back to school. Many fond memories of gathering my notebooks, covering my books with brown paper sacks the first week, and the excitement of making new friends. There is no secret that I was a handful as a child. I was sent home twice in Kindergarten. Once for explaining the process of how puppies were made and well maybe bringing a puppy to school may not have been a good decision. Oh and the time that I made everyone in class cry over my story that there was no Santa only to be forced to apologize and when I was allowed to return  to class……. tears as I spoke of the existence of the Easter bunny.  Geez, now in schools you can’t even mention Christmas or Easter.

My Breakfast Today at IHOP.
Parents now a days attend “Boo Hoo Breakfast." This is a puzzle for me. I am rather happy that my son is attending school. Maybe after 3 years of homeschool, my son and I are happy to have the break from each other.  While at breakfast this morning with Linda Mary, I had to stop her from ordering chicken strips and fries. I even said, “Now don’t be one of those parents that has to order what their child or grandchild would order!” This is also your day.

School is a great place for not only academics but many social life lessons to be learned. It really makes no difference if this is completed at home or in the public. Yet, the honest truth for me as a child, was that school was an escape from home and the secrets that were held there. This is still true for many children that have no home and do not feel safe. 

"The best teachers teach from the heart. not from the book."
 Author Unknown

As children return to school today and over the next few weeks, Lets all remember that each of us have a story. Every moment is an opportunity to connect to something greater than our minds. It is all a process of learning and well like I said above in the title, we all are going "back to school."


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