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Animal Friendships: Farmgirl Friday Sisterhood Post 17

Animal Friendships

Farmgirl Friday Sisterhood Post 17


Merlin The Cat

It has been a fantastic week at my house. Well maybe not so true for the cats. You see, it is that time during the year when they get their vaccinations. Both of my cats, are not fans for visits to the veterinarian office. Oreo in particular had a bit of a tantrum and threw a real hissy fit this week! My husband was tasked with the monumental responsibility of taking both cats. Only Gelato received his shots after every bolt was unscrewed  from his carrier. They tried to tilt the carrier on end but Gelato has amazing Spiderman like legs and clung onto the sides. Oreo was able to escape and hide in my son's room avoiding the trip.

Melissa checking Gelato's weight
Dr. Weaver giving Gelato a rub.

Normally, I am the one who accomplishes this hissing growling jubilee. However, I was on a flu shot mission for myself and our son. Therefore, hubby went solo. Even though, only one cat received a shot, we rescheduled for another attempt with Oreo. In a way, it was a bad idea to try and do them both at the same time. 

Mindful Meditation with Oreo

Oreo is not a mean nor fussy cat. He is rather loving and tolerant. I will never forget when we adopted him. My husband had just left for a remote one year tour with the military to Korea. Before he left, he sat my son and I down and gave us “The Speech.” You might have received this “Speech” in your home. The one where you promise to not get anymore pets. Needless to say, the vet called a week after my husband left about an abandoned mother who gave birth to kittens. 

As you can imagine, we were right there, scooping up those perfect little joys. Anyways, we had a whole year to ease hubby into the news of a kitten. Gelato was adopted also. He was left behind by a neighbor whose home was foreclosed. I was so amazed how this cat survived a terrible winter and refused to come near any human. I was able to capture him and now he is the most loyal lap cat you can imagine.

We have had many pets over the years and believe it or not, they all take to my husband! Our first pet was a wedding gift. A puppy named Casey. Casey was part cocker spaniel and dachshund (A Cocktail Wiener). We loved our Lucy cat, several fish (Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Mo"). We also had a bunny that hopped freely around the house and was litter boxed trained.  Alas, the dog kept grabbing at it, he was given away to the Cajun neighbor next door who promised to not eat our bunny. We know have Madagascar hissing coach roaches. I do not handle these pets and have run off screaming a few times.

Me and Gelato
Oh and I will never forget Merlin and Arthur! Their mother sneaked into our home in Naples, Italy. My husband was on a temporary deployment with NATO. I was lying in bed and felt this huge lump behind me. All I could think was that some strange Italian man had climbed up the balcony and crawled into bed with me. I was frozen in terror for a moment. Next, I reached for the hockey stick then jumped up hollering and carrying on like Punchinello on a wild night with Buffana! I am sure, the event helped to induce her labor. 

Animals can bring such joy into our lives, I think this is why we take selfies with them and post funny comments. To put it simply, pets are good for people. Pets give people a loving companion to care for.

From household pets to horses that herd livestock to therapy dogs that provide comfort to victims of disaster and illness, the lives of both humans and animals are made better by our mutual bond. 

Author Caz Greenhams's Grandson Ethan with his best pal!

Author Shelia Bolt Rudesill with Beau
Pets encourage touch, conversation and often laughter. They cause us to exercise and offer an antidote for loneliness.  They teach children responsibility. If you do not own a pet that is ok. Visit a zoo or do on a walk. You might be surprised with the connection. 

So here’s three cheers to all of the animals who steal our hearts everyday!!!


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