Friday, September 11, 2015

X Marks the Spot! Farmgirl Sisterhood Friday Post 15

X Marks the Spot!

Farmgirl Sisterhood Friday Post 15

My Favorite Cross Stitch located in my kitchen

I have recently taken up an old hobby. Cross Stitching seems to be my evening comfort during these last few days of a very hot summer. It’s what I do to unwind. Some people are intimidated by its intricacy. Most are frustrated by the process. Others are irritated by how long it takes to complete a project. But I happen to enjoy every aspect of cross-stitch.

My husband taught me how to cross stitch after we had married. Cross Stitch is one of the easiest stitches to learn.  It starts with a simple X shaped stitch that is commonly embroidered with floss on an even weave fabric.  The cross stitch is repeated numerous times to create a design.  Counted cross stitch designs are made by following a grid or chart where each square that contains a symbol represents 1 stitch. 

I made this Bookmark For Dianne Wooster Maggard

I remember purchasing a small kit with an apple on it. It was a small Christmas ornament that could be hung from a tree. I continued exploring the different patterns and stitches.  

My first large project was done while my husband was in Saudi Arabia. I wanted to surprise him with a special gift on his return. 

This is the Antique Autos Picture that I made for him.

On our 20th Anniversary again I wanted to surprise him with a special gift and I found this beautiful message that embraced the foundations of marriage. 

I often give my cross stitches away to those that are very special in my life. Here’s how Mary Green describes the rewards of handmade sewed gifts:

"Something wonderful happens when you sew gifts for people. You begin by thinking about what they might like, how they might use it, what colors or styles would be most appreciated. You ponder fabric and color options and plan the construction. The sewing itself might be simple or complex; it doesn’t matter, because you love to sew and you enjoy it even more when you do it with someone special in mind. And then there’s the joy that comes when you deliver your heartfelt gift and see the recipient’s pleasure at receiving it."

A Cross Stitch gift at my mother's home.

Cross Stitching run a bit of a parallel to life for me. Sometimes I make a mistake that I must go back and correct, or I get those little knots in my thread. In addition, I have made mistakes that are too huge to correct.  When that happens don’t get discouraged or give up on the project; you can always find way to incorporate a mistake into the project.  Is this not true with lessons we learn in life? There’s always the chance that no one else will even know that the beautiful, finished project actually contains a mistake.

One of the most beautiful Cross Stitch Stories, I have ever been told was while having dinner. A widow was telling me about the table cloth  his wife had made that we were using for the evening. She had passed away before completing it. He learned how to cross stitch and I can only imagine the memories of her as he stitched and healed. 

I made this pattern also as a  gift.

I have visited homes where I have seen my handmade cross stitched gift. Some were of a seashore scene or lovely verse with a butterfly that were proudly displayed on a wall. It connects me in that moment like a simple X in Cross stitch. Cross stitch truly symbols that special spot and feeling in my heart. As I cross-stitch, I remember that I am still learning. The way I see it, the cloth is my life. The floss is my legacy. I am the needle, and life is the stitcher.


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