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All the Voices in My Head by Shelia Rudesill

All the Voices in My Head

 By Shelia Rudesill


My first introduction to the work of Shelia Rudesill was via Facebook. However, it was a surprise to see that one of my reading buddies on Pinterest had pinned a picture of this book. I too had just downloaded the book so I instantly sent a message to see if Linda and any others wished to read, All the Voices in My Head together. I was surprised at how many mixed responses this book produced from the 5 people that read it. I really admire Linda and many of the other Pinterest readers because some like Linda have written many more book reviews than me and we get some great discussions going.

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I was completely engaged with SheliaRudesill’s novel. The characters were well developed and produced  strong emotions. I also witnessed a change in many of the characters. At the beginning I had much empathy toward Gloria but switched to dislike of her personality and choices by the end. Moreover, the character Parker created such a stir in discussions that I think all of us readers could have lynched him! To create this type of response is every writer’s dream come true, I would imagine. To be able to get such a discussion going displays not only a mastery of character development but a story connection with readers. 

I also enjoyed the slight humor mixed with the triumph of Gloria’s first sexual experience. I thought the author’s line, All I could think of was the Battle Hymn of the Republic as he flicked my erect nipple with his tongue” was brilliant. The plot was plausible. However, the ending was too quick of a change for such intense writing. This was the only fault that I found. For example if Gloria’s mother would have dropped letters when she walked in on Parker and Gloria, it would had made the transition to the ending better for the reader. It is these little teases that are often explained later that give the reader a “Ah Ha” or satisfactory understanding of twist that is about to come.

The book cover also sparked much conversation from it resembling a neuron to modern art that evoked “thought.” I also liked how the author tied in the title with this line, the voices in my head calling and I was heading for a breakdown.” Furthermore, the character’s downward emotional spiral is evident when she believes the nurses are turned on by Parker. Gloria’s emotional state is very clear in this line, “They blush when they bathe his privates. I can imagine his penis makes them horny. I wonder if he gets erect when they touch….” I laughed and then cried. “I wonder if they come to get a thrill when I’m not here.”

My favorite photo of Author Shelia Rudesill (Photo credit Joy Hewett)

My favorite character was Misty. Many wanted to have more happen with Misty at the end. In a way, I believe we were so emotionally involved that we wanted a longer novel or a sequel. The book does take a dark turn which left some in the Pinterest readers dissatisfied and upset. I had to laugh because it was almost like the author on purpose was not going to let the reader have that ending. Again, this is a much darker novel that the author’s other books. It was like a cliffhanger but gave an explanation.  I understand not all stories have a happy ending and I do not always expect a neat tidy “everything is explained ending that is happy ever after.”

My next book to read written by Shelia
All the Voices in My Head by Shelia Rudesill stirs up much emotion. I felted very connected to the characters. I also still find myself thinking about Parker and what a jerk he was and what a crappy mother Gloria had. 

Most of all I think about Misty. This is one book that will promote lots of discussion. All the Voices in My Head by Shelia Rudesill is appropriate for older teens to adults. It is well written and I give my recommendation. 

If you would like to read a book together. Please write the name and author below. I enjoy discussing books and would love to see reviews that you may have written.


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