Friday, October 23, 2015

Early Morning Happiness

Early Morning Happiness

Farmgirl Friday Sisterhood Post 20

Happiness is waking up grateful for a new day. It is those early morning hours before the sun rises and all are sleeping except you. The scent of a spiced candle fills the room.

Happiness is the early autumn colors of spices, flora, and captured edible wonders. 
It is knowing that everyone has purpose and meaning.


Happiness is reading beside the mums. 

Stretching and growing with insight.

Happiness is the first morning sun on the pansies. 

Some will wink at you, and whisper that you are
loved, appreciated, valued, respected, and honored as a woman! 

 Happiness is having warmth and companionship welcoming you at the door. 

There is no judgement, labels, but only heart felt affection given to even strangers.

Happiness is that first cup of coffee! 


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