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Mountain Heritage Arts and Crafts Festival:Farmgirl Friday Sisterhood Post 18

Mountain Heritage Arts and Crafts Festival

Farmgirl Friday Sisterhood Post 18

Stitch-N-Place, Specializing in Custom and Civil War Era Quilts.

This past weekend, my family and I celebrated my 44th Birthday.  Since my birthday fell on Wednesday, we took this opportunity as a family to enjoy the occasion a bit earlier due to work, school, and various activities. My husband knows that I have a passion for rare collectibles and unique art. Therefore, he planned a weekend of Flea-markets, and a visit to the Mountain Heritage Arts and Crafts Festival.

Handcraft Baskets by Lisa

Upon arrival, I was completely gob smacked at the many booths. I met approximately 200 artisans and craftpersons who demonstrated and showcased their work at this nationally acclaimed festival.

Moreover, I enjoyed listening to the best live bluegrass music, tasted wines from the area's foremost wineries and saw many varieties of food available surrounding the other edge of the event. 

There was such a variety of music to listen to and many handmade instruments available to purchase. I especially liked the June Apple hammered dulcimers that were characterized by their sweet tone, excellent balance, and resonance. 

The First artist I interacted with was wood artist Gary P. Carver creator of Carvers Carvings. After a Career as a PH.D. Physicist of scientific research, Gary “retired to his passion.”

 I instantly connected with his carvings and was so touched with his work to restoring the American Chestnut that I purchased my first item of the day. 

His work captures the natural colors and wood patterns along with any defects from man or nature. Gary uses old wood beams from cabins and barns that he rescues. This reclaimed wood often tells a much deeper story of our past and I was fascinated by the natural chemical patterns that result from animals and other natural events. 

I could easily spend hours listening to Gary Carver and his passion for wood carving. Furthermore, I was touched by his kindness for demonstrating his various methods and tools for creating the beautiful birds.  

The next artist we met was Stephan from Twin Oak Hammocks. Stephan gave us a demonstration of how each hammock is handcrafted and I like how each end has a unique macrame.

My husband was so comfortable that I wasn't too sure if I would be able to coax him from the chair! 

Furthermore, I know of a great place in our yard where I imagine myself under the two Silver Oak trees enjoying a book.

We also were able to watch a basket demonstration. My friend Dianne Maggard makes baskets and I immediately thought of her as I watched 
Beverly Day from Mountain Top Crafts

Beverly is from Myersville, Md. Her family owned and operated business has been selling baskets for over 15 years. I am saving my money for one of her Lazy Susans! 

I hate to just end this post here but more will be weaved in very soon. I haven't even told you about the painters or agats or glass blowing! I hope you come back for Part Two! 

Handcraft Baskets by Lisa


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