Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mountain Heritage Arts and Crafts Festival: Part Two

Mountain Heritage Arts and Crafts Festival

Part Two

Wheat Weavings, by Pat Devries

In continuation of my birthday celebration, I am still feeling the creative and inspiring energy from the many artist that participated at the Mountain Heritage Arts and Crafts Festival. As you might recall from Part One, over 200 artisans and craftpersons demonstrated and showcased their work.

Eugene B. Smith's Art Palate

I was delighted by local artist Eugene B. Smith. I was so grateful how he demonstrated wet-on-wet and dry brush techniques with water colors.

  I really liked his meditative and Asian inspired art. 

Here Eugene is showing me how to paint a landscape upside down!

The best part is that I will be taking private lessons at his art gallery located in Old Town Winchester, Virginia. 

Our next stop was viewing the hand blow glass by Mickey & Madeline Art Glass. 


Mickey and Madeline  are a husband and wife team of glassblowers working in both "hard" and "soft" glass. They create jewelry, pendants, marbles, beads, bracelets and other glass objects. Mickey was so kind to explain how he was able to creat the tip of the pendants and the type of glass that he uses. 


 Next, we watched a demonstration by Greg Wandless. He showed my husband the different methods that he uses to carve bowls and vases. 

There were many other types of crafts such as LaLa's Leaves.

Tommy & Oliva Warrick who reside in Lake Anna, Virginia  begin their art in the natural setting, under a canopy of trees, perfect for casting, curing, and trimming the concrete leaves. Each leaf is created from an actual live leaf cultivated from plants that are grown in the Warrick's gardens.

I also enjoyed the many Gourd art enthusiasts. Sadly, this is the one contact information that was lost in my purse and bags. I apologize to this artist for not being able to link their work. 

Wood carvings were also a great pleasure. So much time and detail were express in each face that I could feel stories waiting to be told. These were created by Garton Originals.


Another highlight was a demonstration by Weese Woodgems

Larry Weese has found a new admirer in my husband. He was absolutely mesmerized by the many fine handcrafted wood bowls, salad bowls, hollow vessels, Keepsake lidded boxes, and vases turned on a lathe.

 I am really kicking myself for not purchasing the Cherry Burl bowl. What I liked the most about Larry was that he is "always searching for new ideas and forms, constantly drawn to pleasing lines and shapes, calming and peaceful curves in nature."

My son picked out a very special birthday present for me with the help of Mark Panty.

Mark’s Botanical Hotplate are used as an insulator to protect your surface from damage caused by hot food containers up to 400 degrees. I was touched because each item that was inside my plate reminded me of a special moment with my son.

I was also inspired by some very talented Quill artist. The line was so long at this tent that I ment to go back but was so overwhelmed by all the many booths that I forget to return. 

It was a wonderful weekend with my family. Most of all, It was time for us to discover and be inspired by those in our community.  Afterall.....

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
Maya Angelou


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