Friday, October 16, 2015

Pre-Halloween Mischief: Farmgirl Friday Sisterhood Post 19

Pre-Halloween Mischief and Crafts

Farmgirl Friday Sisterhood Post 19

The other day, my friend Linda Mary came over for a bit to enjoy tea and to create a craft. We often get together at least once every month to make mischief of some sort. 

A pillow craft that I made a few years ago.

Linda Mary is a handful and I am tempted to write a blog post just about her. However, I believe those rules apply what happens over coffee or crafts is not repeated. Most the time, we discuss our latest books that we have read, local events, and sometimes those heartfelt wisdom that brings personal emotions.

Here is a picture of Linda Mary and her husband Ron!

I tend to make little gifts for the neighbors and close friends and Linda Mary usually helps me deliver. One Valentine’s Day we posted Paper hearts all over the neighborhood and left our “Love Bombs” on several garages. We even were caught by Cy who laughed at us as we tried to run off after we rang his doorbell. You just can’t get away with any mischief or sneak it by a Retired United States Marine! 

We are taming our mischief these days and these buckets are very simple to make.

First gather the above supplies

Next paint the Jiffy Ferry-Morse seed starter pot with craft paint. You can choose to do one or two coats.

After the paint has dried, decoupage the entire outside of the pots with old photos, scrapbook papers, or pressed flowers.

Then I add some glitter paint to add some excitement. As it dries you will notice that the container has become a bit harder.

Next, poke a hole in each side and insert some craft wire to make a handle. I wrap my wire around a pencil to give it a fun effect.

At that point, you can gather whatever goodies you would like to place inside.


Voila! A great treat that will brighten anyone’s day!

What Tricks or Treats will you be doing this Halloween? I would love to hear below! 

Oh and if you think Linda Mary is something... Well you should meet her sister Connie!



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