Sunday, October 11, 2015

Temporary Superheroine By Irene Vartanoff

Temporary Superheroine

By Irene Vartanoff


I received this book from the author at our monthly book club meeting at the Library. I was very excited to read Temporary Superherorine since Irene always has great humor and remarks on many of the books that we discuss. As I began reading Temporary Superheroine, I could not help but imagine the author herself as the main character Chloe. Each character is very well developed and I was delighted in the hidden connections to the “real” comic book world. This book is appropriate for older teens to adults. Epic in scope, Vartanoff’s expansive narrative boasts a large cast of characters whose lives connect at several different dimensions in the story.

The plot is fast paced and lots of action and surprise happens to Chloe, Roland, and Dave. Yet, it is the question of who is the Purple Menace that drives the book forward with a few romantic teases. Readers will feel immersed in this tumultuous time leap between worlds and be more than satisfied. The only part of the novel that I did not like was that it was choppy at times. It almost feels that this was done on purpose so that the reader would feel the structure of a comic book. For example, the first six chapters begin with short stream of consciousness paragraphs that places the reader in a dream state. Some might find this perplexing. Yet, this does not continue throughout the novel.


The cover art well done. The front cover is representative of the contents of the novel and will capture the reader’s attention with the bright colors. I also liked how the back of a book jacket contained a brief synopsis of the book. The price point is more than appropriate. The ending was enjoyable and leaves just enough of a tease for more adventures to follow.

A satisfying novel with richly drawn characters and vivid settings. I highly recommend!

Irene Vartanoff in Egypt
Author Bio:
Award-winning author Irene Vartanoff combined her love of comic books and romances by working for Marvel Comics and DC Comics as well as Harlequin, Bantam, Berkley, and My As a teenager, her letters to the comic editors caused such a sensation she was incorporated into the storylines of several comic books, notably, Metal Men and The Flash. Dubbed “Poison Ivy” at DC Comics, she received a new sobriquet when she took an editorial position at Marvel Comics, working closely with Stan Lee, who named her “Impish Irene.” Following a long editorial career in romance publishing, Irene turned to writing novels. Her first superhero adventure novel, Temporary Superheroine, was quickly followed by her first sweet contemporary romance novel, Captive of the Cattle Baron. Book 2 of the Temporary Superheroine series, Crisis at Comicon, is available for pre-order on Amazon. A lifelong East Coast resident, Irene currently lives in a forest of tall oaks in the wilds of West Virginia. 



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