Friday, October 9, 2015

Viva Le Creuset: Farmgirl Friday Sisterhood Post 18

Viva Le Creuset

Farmgirl Friday Sisterhood Post 18

Last night I had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful free Le Creuset event hosted by Nibblins. My husband and I both have attended several cooking classes at Nibblins. Homemade bread, German, Thai, and pizza are just a few of the cuisines that we have learned about. Every year, we look forward to the Le Creuset event. This is a guilty pleasure and much anticipated event by all. 

As soon as we walked in, each were offered a coupon for all pucrases of Le Creuset. This year my slip said 25% off. Jackpot! Then we all lined up to be entered into a drawing for a dutch oven. Oh and something was smelling good in the oven!



The event not only offered delicious food, and exciting cooking demos but some amazing personal stories  and life experiences from Blair Dolinar, co-owner of Nibblins.

When Blair married his true love Susan, their first purchase was a Le Creuset pot. One that the family still enjoys today. I have heard from several that Susan Dolinar makes the best Chicken and Dumplings.  

Recently Carla Hall gave a class at Nibblins.

Boyde Beasley, a representative from Le Creuset was available to answer questions and provide information on one of the best products worldwide.

I enjoy listening to Boyd give stories from his travels to the Le Creuset factory. 

Today, Le Creuset remains a popular brand, not just in France, but around the world, including across Europe, in the United States, and in Japan. (The last two are the largest buyers of their cookware in the world.) The original foundry was started in 1925 in the North of France, in Fresnoy-le-Grand, and is still making cookware today the same way they’ve been doing it for 90 years. 

The word creuset translated to crucible and refers to a very sturdy cooking cauldron. One French-English dictionary translated to a “melting pot,” which seems very appropriate. 


This is a Raymond Loewy Coquelle from last years event. Only 500 were made for America in two color choices and most are sold out because this is a limited edition! Matter of fact as soon as I took this picture, I was informed that it was sold. The woman beside me stated that she should not have posted a picture of it on Facebook.

The company was started by two Belgian men – one was an enameling expert, the other, a metal caster. The signature flame (orange) color was modeled after the intense orange glow that comes out of the cauldron that they use to melt the iron. I love all the different colors that are available. Most of all, I am pleased with how well the cookware performs.

The New Black Braiser that I purchased

I had a fantastic time and  I purchased the item below too! 

Oh and you must visit the bakery, chocolates, and Fudge section!  Here is a tease. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures Thank you for visiting my blog! 


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