Sunday, November 15, 2015

Shattered Fate By Linda Fagala, Karen Pugh

Shattered Fate

By Linda Fagala, Karen Pugh

Shattered Fate by Linda Fagala and Karen Pugh is a clever, entrancing romance that is both delightful and full of twist. The story begins with Belinda, an innocent co-ed, who meets Robert, a campus player, under the most unusual circumstances in a sleepy East Texas college town. Her lack of self-confidence along with his reputation causes the young lovers problems. Despite difficulties, the charisma between the pair leads them into a rushed marriage and on a path of heartbreak. However, this book is so packed with interesting drama that the reader’s imagination is sparked beyond belief. I found myself so caught up in Robert’s ex-girlfriend Lora that I never saw the subtle hints and clues that once the ending was revealed. I immediately sent the author a Facebook message on her author page full of Texas sized Whoops and Hollers of praise! 

The character development is fantastic and I found myself connecting with each of them on different levels. 

Masterful writing and very consistent in tone, I found that the romance is not overdone and discovered myself completely reading this book within two days. Furthermore, Shattered Fate provides just enough answers regarding Robert and Belinda’s complicated relationship and yet too many easy answers regarding Belinda’s sweet southern naive manners. 

What happens when Linda and  Karen edit all weekend! My favorite laugh from them!

This was brilliant because both authors tease the reader into thinking that the plot will go one direction and the next chapter has you so captured that even I honestly could not put this book down! 

Shattered Fate would appeal to most females and those who like a bit of surprise at the end. Fagala and Pugh create a smooth and poignant novel with an emotionally compelling story, and both bring their ability to produce an affecting heroine to this genre. My favorite moment was when Ms. Foster placed her hand over Belinda’s and looked her in the eyes stating, “If he truly loves you, he can do anything.” It was these short tender moments that warm your heart just before it is truly shattered with the best twist I have read this year! With a secondary cast of characters who buoy an already perceptive study of love, marriage, friendship, and loyalty, Fagala and Pugh deliver.

I highly recommend Shattered Fate by Linda Fagala and Karen Pugh. I look forward to the release of the next book in this series titled, Destiny Reborn.



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