Monday, December 21, 2015

A Visit from Santa: Special Memory by Craig LeValley

A Visit from Santa

Special Memory by Craig LeValley

Craig and Karen LeValley

With four firetrucks, two ambulances, and two utilities, a full force of twenty firemen set off for a Santa run.  This particular Christmas, I was driving the Engine with Santa and we looked forward to spreading cheer and joy in our local community.

South Berkeley Volunteer Fire Company
While driving through a neighborhood, one home was celebrating with several cars in the driveway. As we neared the home I turned around in the cul-de-sac. Within several minutes there were roughly thirty to forty people gathered near the road. "Santa" radioed to me and said “let's stop because there were several children.”


I helped Santa get down from the firetruck and he interacted with several children.  As, I stood back and watched, a woman approached me and said they were celebrating Christmas that evening because her daughter was being deployed to Iraq. Furthermore, the daughter’s husband would be caring for their children with much love and support of family and friends.  The parents said their daughter and son-in-law moved into the area and the families living in the neighborhood had sold them on the place. They were extremely grateful for our support in the community. The woman continued to say that they tried to get a Santa to come but had no luck. 


At that point, it started to snow lightly and the lady who was being deployed came up and hugged us and thanked us for stopping. Our visit was only for a brief moment but Santa made sure each child was visited while family and friends nearby gathered to watch. Numerous people hugged Santa and the drivers while other fire volunteers handed out candy canes. 

I was humbled.

There was not a dry eye in sight. It was hard not to tear up... heck, even thinking about it makes me almost tear up to this day.

A special spot inside of me for the Volunteer Fire Organizations stirs during events like this. I often think about returning to the Volunteer Fire Department since we moved but I am enjoying my time doing other things at the moment. Yet, this memory will always fill me with the connections that are made between not only family but with strangers."

This Memory was Sparked when I posted the following video on Facebook. I have never been very good as a video operator. However, I do like it when a simple video brings connection.


In a world full of people, what can be more beautiful than knowing how sharing a personal story or mindful act can establish deeper connections with those around us? What can be more powerful than looking at people around you and understanding that by being kind, loving and helpful towards them, you are also being kind, loving and helpful towards yourself. 

I want to express my deepest gratitude and respect to Craig LeValley for sharing this memory with me and my followers. Furthermore, Thank you

South Berkeley Volunteer Fire Company for visiting my neighborhood.


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