Monday, December 14, 2015

Cats, Mindfulness, and Laundry

Cats, Mindfulness, and Laundry

Today was an ordinary day at home filled with activity. For those that follow me on Facebook, this weekend was busy with crafting. I made several new stained glass items but today I wanted to clean the house.

I got a chuckle out of my cats. Both have taken a fascination to our laundry room since we remodeled over Thanksgiving. Gelato has found a new bed on the sorting table and Oreo is mesmerized by the washing machine. Most in my household do not like the task of laundry. The cats seem to enjoy laundry, especially when warm towels or rugs come out of the dryer.

I try to bring a bit of mindfulness into my everyday activity. The cats set a good example in a way.

Mindfulness is the act of being present with your current activity or state. It involves paying attention to your thoughts, emotions, and senses in the present moment.

Yes, I even do this while sorting and folding laundry. The next time you do laundry, focus on the emotions of each piece of clothing.  How does that shirt make you feel? When you see your child wearing those pants are they having a good time?  Feel the material.  Feel the thicker fabric on the sports socks and the light silky touch of your sheets.  Smell the clothes.  Listen to how the clothes may crinkle as you fold them.  Do not judge your feelings as good or bad.  Simply observe your thoughts and feelings.

My Laundry Christmas Tree
I was surprised at the emotions that were stirred as I folded my son’s favorite shirt and the warm feelings that rose inside my chest as I felt it tumble out of the dryer. When we slow down, giving attention, and become aware of what is in the present we touch a deeper part of ourself.   

In a way laundry today was rather light and helped make this busy season less of a load. 

So don't be like those pajamas of my dear husband and become grouchy with the task of laundry. Make it Mindful! After all, the cats do!  


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