Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December First

December First

There is a sweetness about the month of December. The month is filled with anticipation, goodwill, and enjoying those special treats that only come once a year. I find myself on Pinterest a bit more searching for last minute gift ideas. I came across a journal entry for Capturing December, it asked for my view. I see two cats about to snuggle on a chair in the library.

What do I look forward to this month? Naps under warm blankets, sending gifts to love ones, reading a good book, getting cozy by the fireplace, building a snowman, eating gingerbread, helping  those in need, having a snowball fight, baking cookies, and enjoy a mug of tea while watching a Christmas movies. Most of all, I look forward to creating memories and the peace of the season.

"May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope; 

The spirit of Christmas which is peace; 

The heart of Christmas which is love."

  Ada V. Hendricks  


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