Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tales For Thursday: Chipped Teapot by Ginger Dawn Harman

Chipped Teapot

A Flash fiction by Ginger Dawn Harman


Why did she follow Lily? What were her intentions? Could it be for forgiveness, acceptance, or a final goodbye? Her lips caressed the edge of the Prussian tea cup decorated with fine gold and turquoise lines.

Even though the photo was grainy, she could make out Lily’s etched cheek bones that heredity had gifted all the Ericksen females. She looked like a younger her. Had it been 25 years? Her fingers hovered over the tiny caption under the article – Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac. 

The scent of jasmine and spice soothed the emptiness that had settled in her gut.  As warm tenderness begged her deepest desires, she watched her daughter across the café. Observing and craving what was not hers, she shifted in her seat. 

She was aware that it was her own mistakes that ended the relationship with Lily, not just her ex-husband’s behavior. Fueled by jealousy of the attention her daughter received, at times she wished she had never given birth to the child. She regretted telling this to Lily over and over. 
No matter how she tried to imagine it was all a dream, she would never forget the day the police arrived and took her daughter away.

Fueled by a mother’s obsession, the day had finally arrived for her to take back her own life.

The eyes embrace the sentiment of rationality while the mind deceives the heart, she thought privately.

Would she even have a chance at reestablishing the relationship? Did her daughter hate her? 

Traveling alone to Paris was difficult, she was proud of herself for fooling the doctors, and locating her daughter had proved to be easy. Lily had done well according to the article that chronicled her success. She absentmindedly ripped the newspaper. Part of her wished to destroy this special day. 

Why did Lily deserve this grand life? Her tightened fist knocked the tea cup against the china pot chipping the corner of the spout. She had suffered more than her daughter. Now was her chance to make things right. 

She took a deep breath and rummaged inside her handbag.

Searching. Where did it go? Fumbling between her wallet and glasses case, she found it.

Courage strengthened her resolve, she was ready to confront and do whatever to take her life back. 

Was it love, hate, or the memory of her daughter’s crying “I love you” as police pulled Lily away from her arms? 

Lily loved her.

A rapid heartbeat and weakness engulfed her chest. 


She released the gun and exhale.

She smiled as her daughter stood and kissed the young Frenchman on both cheeks. “Love is a gift that binds, but it cannot take care of you.”  Tears welled in her eyes as she presented this secret gift of freedom and life to her daughter. 

She threw a clutch of coins on the table and for the first time she felt something near to peace.

She left the café and didn’t look back.

If you enjoyed this flash fiction, I have a short story that was published in the NIWA2015 Anthology titled Permanent Ink. My short story explores the psychological relationship between a psychiatrist and his clients. All proceeds from the anthology go to the NIWA in order to support indie authors. Photo credit for the marvelous tea cup is from Martha.  I hope you enjoyed. 

Thank you for visiting, Ginger Dawn Harman


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