Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016

My January Recap 

As January comes to a close, I wanted to look back at some of my personal accomplishments and blessing that have happen.  I will not be able to write every single thing that has happen during these last thirty day. However, I will touch on those things that are placed on my heart.  My intention is for this post is to open the door for others to connect, experience, or perhaps try something new.

I was very please to begin cross stitching again. I completed and framed two projects. The cheerfulness and colors of each design bring me joy. Both will make a wonderful gift for a special friend.

I really like the touch of handmade gifts and how they can express the care one has for the person it is intended for. 

I have been reading a good amount and was a bit disappointed that I did not finish the book reviews. However, that is ok, I plan to write these during the month of February.

I feel so blessed that I was taught to read. This may seem very simple but reading has opened new doors to me. 

Marie Kondo has inspired a bit of tiding up in our home. This will be a long journey because like many. we have too much. Yet, I was able to tackle the craft areas and we almost heavily discarding and donating clothes at the moment. 

Furthermore, I participated in a mini month challenged with Busy Being Jen. This month the feature was hydration. I also added the daily practice of meditation. I did very well with both of these opportunities and hope to continue my practice with both. February focuses on achieving and the benefits of a good night's sleep. Jen has provided printouts and wonderful information on her blog.

I have also enjoyed time with friends, watching my husband cook, and my greatest personal joy was to reach  the 20,000 word court in my novel that I am writing.  

Oh and not to forget the wonderful amount of snow we had! Thirty eight inches was the final count.

Overall it was a great month and I look forward to the new moments in February. 



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