Friday, January 8, 2016

Poem: Wooden Boards on a Pier

Wooden Boards on a Pier

By Ginger Dawn Harman 

Warn wooden planks stretching toward the far horizon
Each one with a story to tell that will enlighten
Whispering wishes of my ethereal dreams lost
Its misty plank holds a secret of each piece I crisscrossed. 

Barnacled boisterous boards that held a fisherman’s catch
Telling bygone legends of stories that others can’t match
Bodacious bragging to uphold its ego
It’s only stories are that of long ago.

Knotty knowledgeable beam of the historic past
Display the medals of burns and cuts from a sailor’s cast
Kindly keen timbers sharing wisdom as it ages old
Its splinters are inspiration for those who need consoled.

Tactful testimonials of each rusty galvanized nail
Even they support wooden boards with their tale
Theological teachers give lessons of balance
Its mindful approach to all is inner silence.

Perfectionist pillars guard the Pacific edge
Gracing courage on a boundary ledge
Perched passion emotions stir
Its sitting gulls are domestically demure

Standing stoic as the brave sun sets
I saunter to the culmination of life’s silhouettes
Stouthearted satisfactory at the journeys end
Its ambiance is freedom that will transcend. 


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