Friday, February 19, 2016

A Tour of the DMZ

The Dividing Line North & South Korea

A Tour of the DMZ


The following photos are from my husband's trip to the DMZ. He was able to take a few photos to share during his tour of the Demilitarized Zone.  It was very interesting to learn of the differences between North and South Korea. I hope you enjoy the photos 

Bridge of No Return

Freedom Bell

The Reunification Center

Reunification Center-Panmunjom

The Freedom Bell

Hubby with ROK (Hubby was technically standing in North Korea)

South Koran Preschool Children On The End of Freedom Bridge.
North Korea/South Korea Meeting Room

Site of 1976 Ax Murder

South Korea Outpost

North Korean Soldier watching Hubby take a photo through binoculars.

Korean Weebles


North Korean Classroom


North Korean Home



North Korean Children Toys


Friday Feature!



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