Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cross Stitch Love

Cross Stitch Pattern Book Reviews

I purchased all three of these Cross Stitch books and am so excited to share them with you! Needless to say, I will be a very busy gal the next few days creating from each of these wonderful books. The photos all come the author’s website or I do want to give them credit and I will post my photos soon. I did make some of the recipes and have made a book mark for my friend Dianne but forgot to take a photo before I gave it to her. If you enjoy Cross Stitch, I give my highest recommendation. 

By Claire Crompton Caroline Palmer, Lesley Teare, Carol Thornton 

Cross Stitch Countryside Collection is a marvelous stitching book that provides more than just a wonderful design. Each piece provides a story on the design, a quote from novels, or a recipe. I personally made the apple Jelly on page 9 and it was fantastic. Each section of this hardback book is themed. For example, “Into the Countryside” and “At the Harbour” were my favorite selections.

The price point was more than fair on amazon and large color photos are provided throughout the book. DMC thread selections are well chosen and the patterns are more for an intermediate to advance stitchery background. However, I do feel that some could be a project for a beginner lever such as Woodland greetings on page 33.

What I liked best was the variety of designers. This introduced me to other books to purchase and new patterns to try. Cross Stitch Countryside Collection also provides patterns for different seasons such as Harvest gifts for the fall. If you are looking for a creative book packed with personal connection and something to inspire you to stitch, I highly recommend Cross Stitch Countryside Collection.

By Lesley Teare

Travel the World in Cross Stitch is a spectacular stitching book that provides many hours of stitchery. The continents are labeled by stitching segments such as Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and so on. Many of the designs feature a selection of symbols, landmarks stitched on white Aida. With colorful photos and easy to read designs everyone no matter their skill level will be able to understand and create the piece. Furthermore on the last page the author provides several project ideas such as album covers, postcards, sachet, and phone pouch to name a few.

With over 500 motifs and designs that you can use for countless of projects, you will be able to create many projects. I really like how the author gave her personal story as to why she choose a portrait and I liked her imaginative titles like “Eastern promise” on page 74. Lesley Teare also describes how you can take elements of each design to make fun gifts. She even confesses to mailing a cheeky postcard from a trip. My favorite section was a tie between Europe and Asia.

I give my highest recommendation for Travel the World in Cross Stitch by Lesley Teare.

Cross Stitch Tea Time: Sweet Models To Stitch
By Lesley Teare

Cross Stitch Tea Time is a fantastic cross stitch book that I give my highest recommendation. Lesley Teare provides several patterns for stitchery that are easy to follow no matter what ones level of expertise. I especially like how each page provides a large photo that is in color with the appropriate DMC thread color code. Page 22 and 23 are my favorite designs and it is good how the author provides a photo of the completed project. Moreover, I like how the author provides patterns for the different times of the year like the Gingerbread house on page 50 and 51.

Each pattern could easily be completed in two to three days. They range from the vintage garden to festive treat designs. The size of each design would be appropriate as a framed piece, bread cover, placed on a hand towel or apron. I would have likes a bit of story as to why Lesley Teare created the design. For example, what was her inspiration? Did she create the pattern from her grandmother’s garden? I feel that this connects with the reader and gives a bit more meaning for the person stitching. I was satisfied with Cross Stitch Tea Time written by Lesley Teare.


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