Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fun with Terrariums


Many of my friends seem to have come down with a major case of terrarium fever, and I'm no exception. Maybe we are all itching to get outside but with the snow still melting and cool temperatures creating terrariums is the next best thing. 

It is rather simple and I enjoy placing my own unique touch on each terrarium. I’ve been having a lot of fun making Gnome, and woodland-themed moss terrariums so I thought I’d share.

How To Make

1.    Choose a clear glass or acrylic container, with or without a lid. ...
2.   Spread a 1- to 3-inch layer of charcoal, gravel, or pumice on the bottom of the container for drainage.
3.   Add enough potting mix to surround plant roots. Some do not use soil and that is ok too.
4.   To water, gently spritz the soil around plants with a spray bottle, taking care not to overwater.

This one is called Two Bunnies love you.

I hide two small rabbits. Can you spot one?

 I made this terrarium for my son. It has a mischievous troll hiding between the plants. However, his tail which could be mistaken for a plant might just give him away.

When my son was younger he enjoyed a book called, Trouble with Trolls by Jan Brett.  It made me smile when he remembered this storybook and I explained why I chose the Troll.

These containers are very easy to find at any hobby store.

I made this gnome themed terrarium with no soil. These plants only require a light misting and the plants can be switched out by the owner.

Different assortments of rocks and gems can be added to highlight the plants. 

  • Water 1-2 times per week, watering only the live plants and avoiding mosses. For an open terrarium, the soil should always remain barely moist, never bone dry.
  • Closed terrariums should almost never need watering.
  • Prune back dead foliage or overgrown plants as needed to prevent rotting.
  • Terrariums thrive in natural, indirect light. Avoid placing in direct sunlight or other hot areas as you can actually cook the plants or burn foliage that is touching the edges of the vessel.
  • Mist your terrarium daily to provide ample humidity.

This terrarium was made by my local nursery Webers. They are so kind and helpful. Matter of fact, they encourage you to grow and try new things. Oh and they let me try to teach their birds new words. 

Have you ever made a terrarium? What theme would you make? 

No matter how small your yard, if it’s raining or hot, everyone can have an adorable garden in their home. Who knows, You may even make one that inspires some to “Quack!” 


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