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A Healing Mantra of Loving Kindness for Your Inner Child

by Ginger Dawn Harman via

The Art of Healing Trauma

Illustrated Trauma Healing Exercises, Stories & Research

A Healing Mantra of Loving Kindess for Inner Child“I was inspired by a loving kindness meditation when I created this journal page. Part of healing is connecting to the past.  Embracing that hurt little girl inside me and telling her that she is loved, healing, and together as one we survive. I want to be a advocate for using your voice and as a trauma survivor, I hope I can help others be brave. ” – Ginger Dawn Harman

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The Art of Healing Trauma

Illustrated Trauma Healing Exercises, Stories & Research

When I read this mantra I feel a powerful sense of connection to my inner child, and I feel an opening to the possibility of bringing peace and serenity into the turbulent and tumultuous world of childhood traumas.

In this mindful loving kindness mantra, the link between the adult and child self is deep, confident and full of love. This connection is symbolized by the telephone – the smiling, shining confident adult is sending her message clearly through to the child who is attentively listening. The telephone line, colored gold, crosses right over many red and blue lines that look discordant – so it passes over allll the discord and frightening chaos, traumas and confusion, to give this little one the peace and hope that she so badly needs. The telephone line is the only gold or yellow element – gold is sometimes associated with the higher spirit/higher self and yellow can bring up ideas of light, insight, sunshine and happiness. Red sometimes is related to anger and blue sometimes is related to sorrow.

This piece asks us – can you cultivate a direct way to talk and give love and loving words to the past younger self inside you, who may still be feeling all alone?

Sometimes we don’t realize how much we as adults actually can give to the little child within, because we stay disconnected. Once the connection is made, it can dawn on us that we actually have a lot to give – we can give love, protection, comfort, words of kindness, listening and words of hope to that young vulnerable child.

I feel a deep sense of renewed hope and strength, and a lot of care for my inner little one, when I read the mantra.

By the way, mantras are supposed to be repeated while in a state of meditation. So this contribution relates to mindfulness practice as a form for enabling healing to take place. Mindfulness practices can enable deep healing because going into a trance state can open up parts of the unconscious mind. This mantra is a gentle and safe type of message to bring into a mindfulness practice.

Thank you so much Ginger for your contribution.

A Healing Mantra of Loving Kindness for Your Inner Child
Oh little girl, you are loved.
You are free from the suffering of
fear, anger and abuse.
You will cultivate
loving-kindness, compassion,
sympathetic joy and equanimity.
May we live in peace and harmony
with all beings
just as we are now.
You will find forgiveness
for the unavoidable harms
that others have brought upon you.

A special note by me (Ginger Dawn): This is huge honor to share my story with "Healing from Trauma." At first I was afraid to share my past of long term child sexual abuse. I felt ashamed. This is part of what I was taught and the messages sent by society. I was rescued as a teen. Foster homes did not want children with my background because they feared we might seduce their children or partners. We were labeled as "broken" "unwanted" "No hope to change". This is far from the truth. While my perpetrators did serve one year in jail, one died, and the other was caught by the FBI a few years ago (again only one year in jail)... I still struggle at times with self esteem, justice, and relationships.Yet please listen to me....This is the part I want you to remember! Everyone has a voice and You Matter! It all starts on the inside! So proud of the many who are reaching out and their Facebook page to help others. This post is also featured on Farmgirl Unleased


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