Monday, April 11, 2016

A Flash Fiction Story

Knowledge and Pathways

By Ginger Dawn Harman 


Once there was a Sherpa, who was known far and wide for the load he could carry.
His breath smelled of fennel and ginger tea.

When he was not creating a path for the climbers, he visited Saraswatsi and Manjushree.
Saraswatsi, enjoyed the visits. Manjushree did not because they interfered with spring alphabet lessons for the children.

"Saraswatsi, why do you waste your knowledge on that old Sherpa when our youth is the future?" Manjushree tightened his fist in anguish.

"Why do you teach from the ancient text and lessons of Buddha?" She challenged.

Hanuman, the Monkey God, overheard this from a nearby tree. Being loyal and devoted to the village, he returned at once to report this argument of the gods. With news such as this, he will receive a great reward.

Yet, Hanuman was stopped by Rama before he reached the village.

"Hanuman, do you have news from the Gods?”

“Yes, Saraswatsi and Manjushree argue.” He swished his long tail. 

Rama lifted his palm toward the mountains and smiled.

“Ah, this is the business of the Gods and not of man. Which path will you choose Hanuman? What do you wish to gain? Since you have become involved, it is now your burden to carry. You will help all individuals to counter the bad karma borne out of selfish action, and grant believers fortitude and strength in his or her own trials." 

Hanuman looked down with honor and respect. Gratitude filled him as he gained awareness in presence. To this day when holy men gather in the forest, Hanuman will put out the fires or tug on their beards. Some see this as a prank, others a warning from the Gods. As for the Sherpa, he has the mystery of valleys in his blood. High in the peaks, he continues his path. At the end of the day, he hangs a prayer flag. Then he sits in silence, listening, and acquiring knowledge. Life is a path, a path the Sherpa knows well. 

Note from Ginger Dawn,

I often find my curiosity sparked about religion, beliefs, and different cultures. I thought, I would challenge myself to create a Flash Fiction that had a bit of a philosophical Koan aspect. It was fun but what I liked most about this writing exercise was that I learned about Hanuman, Saraswatsi, and Manjushree. Hope you enjoyed. The photo credit is unknown.


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