Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy Monday Moments

Five Mindful Moments 

Monday April 25, 2016

Every moment is special. Look around and find the joys in the ordinary Alison Bonds Shapiro M.B.A. teaches and believes that Joy is a wellspring. It’s not the same as happiness, although they are related. Joy is fundamental, a way of experiencing the world.

“An action done with joy brings a sense of well being. Doing anything this way is a sensory delight.”

So I went for a mindful walk around my home and this is what I saw.

Chives bursting into bloom! The entire plant is edible. The leaves, blossoms, and even bulbs, to a lesser extent, all find uses in the kitchen. Pollinators are also attracted to chives' vibrant, purple blossoms.


Buddha giving breath to a bush that I thought was dead. My Blue Buddha is a bit chipped and worn. However, I like how his eyes are closed and the reminder that we all need stillness at times.

An insect that I have never seen before on a May Apple. Did you know that May Apple was once called the witches umbrella and thought to be employed by them as a poison, which may not be untrue! The English version of this plant has much lore told of it, being called Manroot (mandrake) believed to be alive and its screams when pulled from the ground would render a man permanently insane. All parts except the fruit are TOXIC!

 A favorite nook in my kitchen. This is where I keep my pot holders and a colorful pot. I feel warmth and joy with the colors. The woven basket was a gift and each potholder was selected with care. I purchased the potholders from an Amish store not too far from my home.

My final moment that I will share today is of a stone wall project that my husband and I worked on. It like the variety of colors and although it was difficult at times to fit a particular stone. Each found a place. As I stand back, this wall is not only is a project completed but a reminder to me that every living being is unique and we all can join together to give strength and support. 

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