Thursday, April 21, 2016

I Hate Camp Letter!

Letter from Camp Nanowritmo
Week Three
I WANT TO Go Home!


Dear Readers of my Blog,

It is the third week of Camp Nanowritmo 2016 and I have reached 35,009 words in my novel. If you missed my first letter, you can click here. For the second letter, just scroll down a bit. I am tired of camp! I am crabby, the food sucks, and I am ready to run away. Matter of fact, I am feeling pressured by the daily word counts. Can’t the camp Gods just be happy that I am writing?

I am also hate the “Arts & Crafts.” I should be building plot not a stone wall under the bar. Just so you know, those stones do not fit perfectly together. They also hurt when you cut your finger with the jagged edge. Please rescue me tonight because tomorrow we lay the tile back-splash, and the weekend will be painting walls. As for the stove, it does not arrive until next week. 

Moreover, my cabin mate, the computer systems engineer is a work horse. He has a love for making list and we have different approaches on how to accomplish a task.  He even chased me with the air compressor and then he constantly comes up with weird pen names!


Did I mention that the camp kitchen is still not in use? Look at my lunch! 

Please rescue me or maybe send a home cooked meal. I am trying to stay in positive spirits but the wood floors are being installed soon and I still have to use the emergency inhalers because of dust. 

Maybe I just need some encouragement or a care package. Maybe I just want to sneak away from camp for a day....

From the campfire

What would you get if you crossed a locomotive with the author of Tom Sawyer?

A Choo Choo Twain.


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