Monday, May 9, 2016

May Art Challenge

May Art Challenge
Part One

This month, I decided to join an art challenge. I have never been really good at drawing or painting. However, I had such a great time last year at the local watercolor class hosted by our museum with botanical artist and illustrator Lara Call Gastinger that I thought this might be a good way to learn and explore. 

As most of us are full of activity I have made the decision to cut back on my social media and deleted several accounts such as twitter, linkedin, ect. My reason for this is because I want to make my connections and use my moments to learn, create, and discover in a more meaningful way. This can be achieved not only with art but with relationships. And, I am very active with card swaps, book clubs, home renovation, and my family. I only have so much time during the day.

Now, I will admit that I am still very active with Pinterest and this is how I found the May Art Challenge by Dawn Nicole Designs. Oh and you should see her website! It is amazing with all sorts of opportunities to learn and create. So, now for what I have made and a short bit on each piece.


The first prompt was Iris. I have several of these in my yard and they often bring joy to me every spring. 

"Hello May" 

A fun doodle and I created this while I was watching "When Calls The Heart"
I am very hooked on this series.

I found "Lemons" to be a challenge and in the next photo....

I giggled because they reminded me of a certain area of the female anatomy.
 That gave me an idea. A nude made of fruit. But my husband would not be my muse so that project will have to be another time I guess.

"Love Always Wins"

With so much talk about gender in bathrooms and for President, this prompt was instant inspiration. I believe the "person" is more important. Furthermore, leadership is what makes a President, Not Gender!



I really had fun painting this and I ate one too! 


"Be Kinder than you Feel" 

This prompt reminded me of my dear friend Anne, who is strong no matter what life throws at her. She is kind, graceful, and always offers a hug.

"Pink Flamingo"

I decided to play around with blending the colors. I really liked the energetic feeling that the color produced.

As you can see, I painted a second one with longer legs. I might just paint a few more flamingos. 

"Don't Look Back"
Oh boy was this a mindful reminder. I lost several friendships the past two years. People that I really loved and some even said they loved me. But it was a lie, in the end they did not have the same feelings for me. I was just part of their personal agenda or narcissistic games. Some of the relationships, I ended because it was one sided and full of drama. When I recently started to stand up for myself and say "No", it really hurt that I was quickly discarded. However, I am making new connections, slowly over time with much better boundaries.  I am grateful for those relationships that did not work out because they made me look inward and it was a great life lesson for me as to what my values are. 


"Vintage Camera"

This reminded me of my dear friend Alan and Dianne. They are both amazing photographers and I always enjoy their photos. 

 "My Name"  

Everybody knows the story of my name.... Hurricane Ginger and Born at dawn. So I decided to just make it colorful and play around with some Zentangles.

Overall, I am really enjoying the challenge and like Dawn Nicole says, "This challenge is NOT about perfection. It’s about practicing and having fun! I included some doodles on the image to help inspire you but don’t be afraid to search online for inspiration or better yet, take a walk or window shop to find inspiration. Just be sure to take what inspires you and really turn it into your own style."

I hope you enjoy and go add a bit of color to the world!


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