Monday, May 23, 2016

More May Art (Part Two)

May Art Challenge
Part Two

This month, I decided to join an art challenge. You can read part one of this post here.
As most of us are full of activity and I am always up for a challenge. I found the second half of this challenge a bit more difficult. Then again, I can be rather hard on myself and I admit to being a bit of a perfectionist. 

I am very pleased that many who have joined give a bit of inspiration on  Pinterest and this is how I found the May Art Challenge by Dawn Nicole Designs. Oh and you should see her website! It is amazing with all sorts of opportunities to learn and create. his first drawing about was day twelve "The Wolf is my Spirit animal. I was the most pleased with this watercolor.
Now I am already out of order but we can just giggle at that! Here is day eleven.  

"My favorite letter"
I honestly don't have a favorite letter because I like them all!
After all, it is a combination of letters that form words. Yet, I do like cheese! 


Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli is one of my favorite books.
 I thought it might be fun to blend colors and share some quotes from several books. 

"Song Lyrics You Love"

Oh dear lord, who doesn't have their heart strings pulled by Barry Manilow? 
Once, I was nervous during a medical procedure and my doctor asked what he could do to help. Do you know without a moment of thought, I blurted out.. "Can you sing any Barry Manilow songs? Well, we all laughed so that helped even more. 

My friend Dianne has a tulip garden and she helped me choosing the color with this watercolor. 
"Free Spirit"

I am part of the Maryjane's Farmgirl Sisterhood. We each have great spirit and with all the rain, I decided to go rain boot shopping! My Bloging friend Daisy even told me where she purchased hers. Oh wait till you see my Sloggers! 


Oh, I really wanted to explore freedom and the idea of release from a bird cage. 
So I played a bit with this creation. 

"Happy Ever After"

This was just wonky and lets face it... bicycles are not my talent! 


Just some Zentangle fun. 

"You Are Loved"

I decided to do a bit of self love with this photo. I had been beating myself up for days with the art work and sometimes, you just need to be kind to your inner self.

"Chicken Sloggers and Star Tights" 
My new sloggers and star tights!  
It was inspired by this real photo! 

Please note, I am sitting all lady like. Maple Hill 101 told me where to get them. She wears them too.  Oh Goodness I am getting off subject.

"Rainy Day"

Ok this is not on the list but it was raining outside and I thought why the heck not. Shame to put the paints away when I still had blank pages. 

I have to admit that I was not too happy with this painting either. I just couldn't seem to mix the colors correctly. 

"Invest in What Matters"

I don't think I need to explain this Zentangle Mindful Moment! 


And on day twenty three it was Watermelon! Which, I am being asked to go cut one up now. A real sweet juicy one. I hope you enjoyed the artwork. I have one week left in this challenge. Are you painting? Maybe you might have some suggestions or ideas for me. Please share your thoughts, I am always wanting to expand myself a bit more and learn.


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