Friday, May 13, 2016

Raindrops on...


MaryJane’s Farmgirl Friday Sisterhood Post

We have been have a rather wet few weeks in West Virginia. Yet, I do not mind. I enjoy listening to the rain and it is soothing. A fellow blogger that I absolutely adore named Daisy Gurl at Maple Hill 101 often post videos on her blog and I thought I would give this a try. 
I also have fond memories of my son when he was younger playing in the rain. We even made it a part of his homeschooling at the time. 
He was four in this photo. 

And we enjoyed making our own storm in a bottle. For two weeks he carried this around making his "Cyclone Hurricane Tornado in a Bottle."

On Rainy days we would often visit the local library.  

Crafts, making calendar patterns, and music were also a part of our lessons back then. 
As I videoed the rain, I enjoyed the above memories and listening to the birds.
Oh and I admit to humming Raindrops on Roses but in this video is is a Rhododendron. 
The best part of the rain for me is jumping like my son did in a puddle and making a splash! Here are a few more photos of our "Rainy Day" lessons.



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