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Ribbonworld By Richard Dee

By Richard Dee
A Book Review by Ginger Dawn Harman

Imagine yourself offered that “easy assignment” to review a luxurious hotel on a mysterious planet named Reevis. Then just when you arrive after a delay, the dead body of your new job contact is waiting for you in the hotel room. Detectives Flanagan and Chumna arrive not too long after. A drive store is found in the dead man’s suit pocket. You are an “Off-Worlder” and lot liked or trusted by anyone. What do you do?

After a huge personal setback, a five year imprisonment to be exact, Miles Goram takes the assignment above that becomes more than a hotel review. Miles has landed himself right in the middle of corporate fraud, secrets, and a romance with a woman named Tash. If you are a reader like me, I imagine that you are already hooked! Richard Dee has penned not only a fast paced action filled novel but one that will be enjoyed by many!  I found this debut novel via the Silverwood publishing website, I then purchased it via amazon for the fast shipping and price point. The story begins with vivid descriptions and solid character development. I did not have a strong emotional connection with the characters until midway into the novel. Yet, I did not find this an issue since the novel is action driven. I was very satisfied with the ending and overall reading of Ribbonworld. A friend who also read this novel with me agreed that a prequel should be written about Tash while she was younger and her relationship with Nic, the dead man that Miles finds. 

This continuation of discussing a novel is proof of the author’s ability to create a good story. The Twist toward the end of the novel with Tash, Donna, Shelly, and Chumna had both of us debating the subtle hints that the author carefully placed earlier in the novel. Furthermore, both of us were rather curious if the character Gaz, the barman.... might be based on a personal friendship that Mr. Dee has in his local area of Brixham, England. Perhaps, the artist Gaz Williams. However, this could just be two women with a good imagination.

Sophie Bower at Millie and Me  hosting Ribbonworld book launch

My favorite quote from the novel was one of those personal slips that authors are guilty of placing in their text. It is often the heart and soul that gives voice to an author’s passion for writing a particular theme in a novel. Richard Dee wrote, 

When I was younger I thought I was invincible, I thought I would live forever. Then when I got older, I saw things differently. I saw that the young have the power; most of the people in charge are younger than me and think I’m some sort of relic.” 

It is this perspective of honesty and discovery that pushes the character Miles to the truth and often the problems that Donna’s and Shelly’s of the world encounter. Why we are often in life seeking to go back to the past or creating a new future.
Be Sure to visit the author here. He bakes and his wife does amazing crafts!

Richard Dee writes an engaging plot with steady flow. I found myself on the edge of my seat as I came close to the edge of Lava flows and will admit to a jump or two as EV’s were close to the edge or being shot at. I was so caught up the plot that I found it difficult to put Ribbonworld down. I even had my own theory about the disappearance of Layla.  My favorite scene was the anxious action created when Miles was hiding the drive. I thought this was very plausible with the clever use of the peanut bag and the masking of a birthday package. Yet the point when Donna recovered a drive, I was fussing up a storm.  Moreover, the scene of the woman having coffee with the young children was brilliant. Nothing like a good reader diversion to set you up for a twist that involves you more into the novel.  

Like the description of the “Ugly Sisters” landmark or “relics” in the story, this novel is so much more than the sum of its parts—a page-turner of the highest order! Yet, I find the author's current work posted on his blog much more polished and it has the emotional connection that readers are grasping for. This is why I chose to give this book a four star rating. I am really looking forward to his new release titled, The Rocks of Aserol. Richard Dee masterfully blends together elements of sci-fi, corporate thriller, and romantic fiction.

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