Friday, August 12, 2016

Babysitting the Huff Backyard Chickens

I Am A Chicken Sitter!

From July 2 to July 6 I was given the best opportunity ever! Our good friends Jen and Andy went on a trip and needed someone to watch their chickens. I was so darn excited that I jumped for joy and even showed up to take care of the critters before they left! 

The Huff Family backyard chicken farm was much fun and I learned a lot. I also was given very good instructions. This task was split between a few of us and I must admit that taking care of chickens was not what I expected. Now I am a city gal so this was huge for me. After all, 8 chickens, 2 guinea pigs, 1 hamster, two cats, and 5 turtles was a good start! It was like my own little zoo to be in charge of.
Day One: I learned the ropes so to speak. I followed my written instructions and only spilled the water feeder because I forgot to latch the pin at the bottom. I think the chickens are watching me because this job really seems too easy. Actually, I think they may even be sizing me up to see what I am going to do.

Day Two! 
Oh Goodness! Chickens do not listen!

I did the morning task and all the indoor animals were very well behaved but the chickens did not want to go to bed tonight on my second shift! I was told at dark they would climb up their little ladder and roost. Well the hens were clucking and pecking. I crawled in the little door to corral them and I almost got stuck in the cage! However, I remembered the rope string that will let you out. Finally at 9:00pm they went one by one up the ladder but they sure did look at me strange. Made it home just in time to set off fireworks. 
After all, it will rain tomorrow. 

Day Three: (Fourth of July) Chickens were in roost early. They must have known they would be in trouble for being naughty! I am pretty sure they were faking sleep. A few of them were fussing in a soft coo for the others to be quiet. One of those Buffs was even playing watchmen. My proof below!
 Well, I was shocked to see their water stuffed with bedding and they knocked over the food jar. Oh and somebody pooped on the food jar!  I swear on my MaryJane farmgirl apron that I heard a cluck that sounded like a laugh!
Day Four: All Huff chickens are alert and awake Very quiet and odd. They didn't even try to rush me for feed. I reckon it was guilt! Had my hands full with the indoor animals. They knocked over a few things and food bowls were tipped over. I sure do love how the one cat crawls up my leg and snuggles me.

Day Five: Well I caught the road Island Red in the act of kicking up bedding into the water bowl this morning. Then she pooped on it. I told her that was not very Southern Ladylike.
 However, the rest of the hens were very happy to see me. I gave them a bit of extra feed as a treat. I did notice that a few of the wrapped plastic eggs were kicked out of their nest. I think they want to lay and return to their normal schedule. 
That Red is a trouble maker!

Day Six: My last day! I sorta will miss the chickens. Sorta sad in a way. I think they were getting use to me. I did sneak them a tiny bit of watermelon. I made sure the coop was very clean and reminded that Red hen to not make a mess. Alas, Chicken don't listen very well. I found the indoor pets easier but I did rather good with the chickens. And none died so that was even better!”
Oh I earned my MaryJane Farmgirl Sisterhood Merit Badge too! Isn't it fun when you get to try new things and get rewarded for it. Nevertheless, to me Living is a reward and I plan on making it something to really cluck about! 


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