Monday, August 29, 2016

Busy Busy

Busy Busy...

What a week! Heck what a month! Can you believe this home renovation began in May! We have been busy with the band camp, Scout camp, Order of the Arrow, and home improvement projects that I have been having a difficult time keeping up with my post. 
Life is about balance and sometimes things just have to wait a bit. 
Oh and school has started! I don't know how it happened so fast but I now have a son in High School! Yes, 9th grade! This brings joy to me but also a whole new experience.
First, I wanted to share that our wood floors are finished and I could not be more happier! We had a local craftsman do the work and Masters Flooring did an amazing job!  
  Here you can see Ronnie on the left and one of his crew on the right. 
Masters Flooring was very polite, dedicated to their craft, and they went above and beyond to explain and go over every detail. 
This was great for us because we tend to be picky. 
We give our highest recommendation to Masters Flooring!
I could also write a blog post alone with how naughty and difficult both our cats were! Oreo was not happy about getting the floors done and escaped. Well lets just say, he ripped the screen basement door and took off. After searching for two hours we found him on the back deck sleeping on the chair. Oh and then he meowed at us like we woke him up. 
Oreo also was a handful while my husband was installing cat five cables, tearing out the old carpet, setting up the indoor video security system, and my husband was notified with 35 notifications last week with videos of the cats and a cricket setting the indoor video camera off. My favorite video is of Gelato stretching and looking into the camera. 


As you can see, the entire first floor of our home has been remodeled. Overall, the kitchen was the hardest but buying new furniture was rather fun. You have no idea how many fabric choices you have with Norwalk and Smith Brothers of Berne. The furniture will arrive in about a month, Oh and we also decided to refinish a few pieces our self. More on that Friday.
What have you been busy with?


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